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Summertime is Finally Here…

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Katie Priesing YAY!! The semester is over, the firsties have graduated, and now it’s mostly just my class working around the Academy now. It was a long semester, with plenty of ups and downs, but I can honestly say it’s been my best semester at the Academy. I had so much fun with the crew team, my classes were interesting, and I earned my best grades since coming here. Two weeks ago, classes ended and we started our summer training period. Summer was ushered in by a visit from the Cape May Company Commanders (CCs).

The Cape May CCs are the men and women that run the enlisted boot camp in Cape May, New Jersey. They came to train us on how to train the incoming swabs, and let me tell you, they are professionals. There is no other word to describe them. The week was full of hustling, a little bit of yelling and some IT (incentive training…not fun stuff). By the end of the week, the craziness had paid off. It was not all work either. A bunch of my classmates and the CCs made it a really great experience. I think most of us had a boatload of fun. The reward was great, too: the class of 2012 was frocked as second class cadets and we got new responsibilities and privileges.

It’s official. Now we get to wear civilian clothes on liberty!!! It took two years, but I really think it’s made us appreciate the little things like jeans and flip-flops that much more. I am so happy it is summer and we get a break from classes. The next few months are sure to be full of laughter, hard work, and traveling and I cannot wait to enjoy it all!

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