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One Week Down, Months to Go

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 Katie Priesing It’s Friday night and I just got back from going to a hockey game with some friends. The game didn’t turn out how we wanted it, but it was still fun to go and be loud; screaming and yelling for the team. This was a nice end to a long week. After winter leave (which was great) all the cadets had a week for academic processing before the real classes started. That week was spent taking the PFE (got my highest score yet!!), meeting with teachers, checking schedules, and buying books. There were some other training thrown in the week as well, but mostly it was used to prepare for the upcoming semester.

This term I’m taking a bunch of classes: Physics II, Physical Oceanography, Professional Rescuer, Leadership and Organizational Behavior, Marine Geochemistry, Nautical Science II, and Differential Equations. Needless to say, my schedule is packed full from 0800 until 1540 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It’s pretty full on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well. Any free time during the week will probably be spent in a math teacher’s office, since math–let alone Differential Equations!–is not exactly my forte. It’s nice, though, because the teachers are always willing to help. I think, in the year and a half I’ve been here, I’ve only had one teacher say he was too busy to help, but even then he still offered the name of another teacher who had time. The teaching staff here is pretty awesome. A lot of the teachers have graduated from the Academy so they really know what it is like to be a cadet: balancing sports, trainings, homework and classes, formations, family-style meals, clubs, and all the while trying to squeeze in a social life for sanity. Classes here are fun and definitely rewarding, but sometimes a week just flies by too fast while at the same time it is excruciatingly long. TGIF!!

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