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The Daily Grind

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 Ronaqua Russell So, I have my first two tests of the semester tomorrow which I should be studying for now, but decided it was the best time for me to update my journal. (Joking :)) I studied earlier so I am not forsaking a very important part of the Academy life. Academics are something that should be a top priority. It’s hard to stay focused though, when I know I will soon be going to see Phantom of the Opera with the International Council. Every year the International Council goes to see a Broadway play, last year was Lion King and this year is Phantom of the Opera. Listening to the soundtrack of it doesn’t really help much with focusing, but being at the Academy has definitely increased my ability to multitask. There is also the possibility of it snow tomorrow; hence I have maneuvering in the snow on my mind. This might not be a problem for most people, but for a Caribbean islander such as myself, walking in snow is an interesting challenge. As long as I don’t take anybody down with me like the last time I fell in the snow, tomorrow should be a good day. Off to more studying!

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