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Summer and Cross Country

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 Katie Schumacher Over one month of school complete. I never imagined it would be this difficult to come back to school from the summer. I had doors flung open and paths that I could walk down to my heart’s content. And then I came back to school and found doors closed. Or doors slammed. Or doors that told me they would stay open. But those were almost worse because those are the doors I get to watch. I get to see. I get to long for. And hope they don’t slam shut. Or close quietly when I blink.

One of the best days of the last month was when I got a pair of XtraTuffs, the versatile Alaskan boot, in the mail. I had ordered them from Juneau, Alaska, and with them flooded in memories of wind turbines, salmon, mountains, and water. The weather has cooled off a bit in the last few days and it has rained, but I am waiting for the perfect day to wear them out. Too bad I cannot fish for salmon in the Thames River.

And though I cannot run up mountains or run down them like I did in Juneau, women’s cross country has been a blast. We have a solid team of 21 girls and super fast freshman. I feel old but I do not mind. The worst part about cross country is doing hill workouts. I mentally block hills, at least in practice. But in meets, I do not mind them one bit. I guess I do not mind doing a hill once, but hill repeats really get to me. The best part about racing is right when you are done and you get to go cool down. It is my absolute favorite, just running to run, not yet hurting or super tired, but regaining my breath and feeling strong and cool and energetic. Then, being able to go get on a bus, stop for a cup of coffee, and ride back to school with friends.

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