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Nice October Days

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 Katie Schumacher October 4, 2009

I did not get too much sleep this weekend, as I had guardmount and dismount for JCDO (Junior Cadet Duty Officer) Saturday and Sunday. This meant I had to get up before 0700 Saturday and Sunday morning, when I am usually allowed to sleep in later. Oh well. I did most of my homework on Saturday because I could not leave the Academy while on duty. I went out today instead. I walked to church off-base with a friend, came back to the Academy, and then left to walk to lunch with another group of friends.

A half hour walk away from the Academy is a long stretch of road that has every fast food restaurant imaginable. We went to Taco Bell and Wendy’s, picked up food, and took it across the street to sit outside under the umbrellas of Rita’s. After finishing our main course, we went inside Rita’s for a delicious treat that everyone at the Academy raves about. Their specialty is their “Water Ice” which is similar to Italian Ice and they make rather unique flavors such as cake batter and Swedish fish. I tried a sample of pumpkin, amazing. I ordered a pumpkin Gelati, which had a layer of vanilla custard on the bottom, pumpkin water ice in the middle, and more vanilla custard on top. It was like eating fall in a cup with an extra long plastic spoon. Between the food, the company, and the walking, it was a perfect four hour lunch away from the Academy.

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