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Blazing Forward

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Katie Schumacher August 29, 2009

A tuna sandwich and chips – a second lunch, and now my stomach is full of dinner - lasagna, fresh garlic toast, garden salad, and to top it all off, a brownie sundae with whipped cream and peanut butter chips. I have only been back at school for two weeks and we just finished our first week of classes, but I am so happy to be at my host family’s house today and rest for a few hours, away from the Academy. The rain from the hurricane came today, so we were not able to go outside and swim. And now, as daylight ends, I am watching Gran Torino, doing what I do best: multi-tasking.

I had an awesome summer, even though I was only a few miles away from the Academy at Station New London for the first five weeks. It was amazing to work with new people and I gained more respect and appreciation for what the Coast Guard does for America. It was probably my coldest summer in a while, as the station was cold and rainy, rarely above seventy degrees. Eagle was warm in Bermuda and Charleston, but besides that, fog, rain, and cold, jacket-worthy temperatures followed us through to Maine. The day we pulled into Maine, it rained from early morning, through special sea detail into port, until seven or so that night. We went out on liberty in our Coast Guard parkas – comfort beats style. Even on my three weeks of leave in St. Louis, the days were not as hot as in previous years, and my tan is definitely lacking.

I was excited to come back to the Academy and see everyone after their summers, but the three weeks at home went by too quickly as they always do. I have many responsibilities this year. I am beginning introductory classes for civil engineers and I am part of the Cadet Training Division which sets up morning and evening trainings during the week as well as Saturday morning trainings. I am also learning to take on the role of mentor to the new fourth class.

I am more excited to be back, now that we have these first two weeks behind us. Hopefully, we can put the incidences of the summer behind us and blaze forward with a positive attitude, back onto the right trail. It is our goal to make the Academy a better place for now, and for the future. It never ceases to amaze me how much I learn from my shipmates everyday and how much I have learned to care for them. And the best part, the greatest part about being back is that I can walk up and down the hallways in any fashion I choose, saying hello as I pass by my shipmates.

(The new picture is my favorite from the summer – I took it on Eagle, on our voyage from South Carolina to Boston.)

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