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cadet blogs

Thanksgiving 2008

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Katie Schumacher I was glad to go home to St. Louis, Missouri for Thanksgiving – so much happened in the five months since the beginning of summer to Thanksgiving leave. The number one question I was asked by my family and friends is, “Well, do you like it?” I had told them about Swab Summer yelling, the running and the push-ups, and thinking I did not have the strength to continue. I had told them of the over twenty hour academic load, of the continual squaring corners and food, of military training, and of staying up to 2300, 2400, 0100 to finish homework. And I ask myself, “Well, do I like it?”

I remember how much I learned, how far I was able to push myself over Swab Summer, and how many new things I learned in class from Maneuvering Boards in Nautical Science I to the Vietnam War in Honors English. And for all the times, whether I am pumped and excited or work begins to wear me down, I have the people. I have great friends from running cross country and swimming, from singing in Protestant Choir and going to church. I had a wonderful company over Swab Summer and over the school year filled with fourth class to talk to and friends who came over for homework help or to work on group projects. And best of all I have a roommate who will stay up to 2300, 2400, 0100, with me and I with her. It is the people I will always remember.

So when family and friends ask, “Well, do you like it?” I can say, seemingly against all odds, “I love it.” I keep a positive attitude and am an active participant in the Coast Guard Academy. This is why I am happy to be a journalist; I want to share my unique perspectives and experiences.

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