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The Tsunami

(Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Hunter Warren While I am writing this, I have been back at the Academy from winter leave for less than a month. The sheer amount of work I have had to do is staggering. Having to switch around classes and pack back into Chase Hall after my exchange at West Point, having to cope with eyes that are healing from PRK surgery, and having taken the senior most 2/c position in Hotel Company, has created an incredibly intense four weeks back. I love what I do though so I take the busy-ness in stride.

The Academy seems extremely quiet at some times, but then at other times there seems to be a great flood of work that doesn’t seem to end. The flood began as soon as I arrived back from my semester at West Point. As Hotel Company’s new Guidon Bearer, I had the incredible challenge of meeting and getting to know over half of the company (freshmen and sophomores) who were not in the company when I left for USMA. Meanwhile, I am responsible for 4/c training (approximately 32 freshmen), which is stressful at times because of the Academy’s high standards, but a lot of fun at other times because of the large responsibility I have been given.

Combat Arms Team has kicked into gear as we prepare for the Joint Service Academy Combat Weapons Competition in April. The only setback has been that I need to re-qualify on the pistol and rifle according to Coast Guard standards while my eyes are still healing and blurry at distances. Also, I am designing my own academic internship for this summer. I will be working on an organizational change-related project with the Unmanned Aerial Systems Branch at the Aviation Training Center in Mobile, Alabama. My hope is that the research helps the Coast Guard better integrate UAV-qualified pilots into the ranks of traditional search and rescue pilots within the next few years.

Now onto February…this month promises to be just as busy as last, but just as exciting too.

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