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Swab Summer Cadre and Summer Leave

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Hunter Warren I returned to the Academy several days ago after three weeks of leave. Three weeks of leave with my family and friends, spent mostly in Ocean City, Maryland, was very refreshing. Although I really enjoyed my first week of Swab Summer cadre in Hotel Company and learned an incredible amount about leadership…it was exhausting! The week of cadre following R-Day seemed like it would never end; 19-hour after 19-hour day for a whole week. Now I am thrilled to be back and witnessing an obvious transformation in Hotel Company! I have no doubts that all 33 swabs of the original 36 will become excellent fourth-class cadets!

This will be my last blog entry before I ship out to West Point for the fall semester in a week and a half. I am going to miss my fellow cadets at CGA tremendously until I return in January. However, my only regret so far about becoming a service academy exchange student is missing the development of the class of 2014 through the course of their first fall semester. This summer has been incredibly rewarding between the huge diversity in training programs (aviation, T-boats, firing range, etc.) and being charged with the development of the Hotel swabs into military members. I cannot wait to write another blog in a month telling about my experience becoming a part of the West Point Corps of Cadets.

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