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Second Class Summer and Cadre Preparation

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
 Hunter Warren 2/c (pronounced “second class”) summer has been an excellent departure from the 3/c academic year! The best thing by far about 2/c summer compared with 3/c summer and the academic year is the wide range of training required every week. I am part of Cadre 1 and we are responsible for training the incoming swabs (freshmen) in our particular companies, which in my case is Hotel. Cadre 1 is responsible for weeks 1, 5, and 6 of Swab Summer and has completed several training weeks together so far this summer including Leadership and Management School, firing range (basic pistol qualification), CATP (the Cadet Aviation Training Program), and T-boats (basic ship-handling and advanced seamanship).

This summer has been a blast so far and should become an even more memorable experience once Swab Summer begins. One thing I will never forget about this summer is how much better I have come to know my shipmates in the class of 2012. With the new 1/c and 3/c cadets out in the field for the summer, 2012 has grown into an even closer team as we begin to take on the role of leaders in the Corps of Cadets. If you have any specific questions about what the CATP (Mobile, Alabama) or T-boats consisted of, make sure to contact me at I will make sure to post a blog again in July once I become a Swab Summer cadre…until then, have a great summer!

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