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Academics: The Top Priority

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 Hunter Warren I have just finished the first week of spring semester classes here at the Academy. One thing is for sure, this will be a tough semester. Third-class Management majors like myself are currently finishing the last few classes in mathematics, science, and engineering before we take strictly management core classes next year. My Physics II, Probability and Statistics, and Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering will make this semester especially difficult because they are relatively unrelated to my major. However, I’ve come to learn since I arrived at the Academy that I must “stick it out” and give my classes everything I’ve got. GPA and academic standing plays a larger part at a military school than most think. It determines whether you will be assigned one of your top billet choices upon commissioning and what preference you will be given when applying to a Coast Guard graduate program after a few tours. Academics are truly top priority here at the Academy. Wish me luck in Physics – I can’t wait for management classes next year!

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