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My Bearded Alaskan Summer

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
Nathan White Hello again! As I am writing this blog, I am sitting in Seward, Alaska after one of the best five weeks of my life. What could possibly be better than schoolwork, waking up at 0600, and rooming with Bohdon Wowtschuk you may ask? Well, for the last five weeks I have been living as a civilian in Seward, working at the Alaska SeaLife Center, and getting paid (by the SeaLife Center and the Academy) to do it. As much as the CGA means to me, it is nice to remind myself of what “real” life is like, and this has done it. I haven’t worn a uniform, shined shoes, or had formation in five weeks, trading that in for civilian clothes, a lot of (kind of patchy) facial hair, and sleeping until whenever I want.

So how did I get this gig you may ask? I applied for and somehow got an internship to work in Rehabilitation at the SeaLife Center, which means we rescue and rehabilitate marine mammals, a.k.a., hanging out with harbor seals and sea otters all day! Like holding them, feeding them, etc…it is kind of like having a child, in that they are always whining and poop all over themselves 24/7. But it is still a great time. And in Seward, I have been fishing and caught some nice salmon, climbed a mountain (Mount Marathon) and made friends with interns from California to Connecticut. I am not really sure that I want to leave……. BUT I will soon be reporting to Charleston, where my Jeep Wrangler and the beach are awaiting me. So, once again, I cannot complain. That’s the cool thing about the CGA; although sometimes your friends are partying and having fun while you can’t, now I can laugh at them because most of them will be bagging my groceries and serving up my Bojangles chicken and biscuits (I have to get my fix soon; there are some things when Alaska just doesn’t cut it).

Take a look at the pictures I have uploaded, and feel free to shoot me an email about Bojangles, or ask about how I grew such a great beard in only five weeks, or harbor seals. Or I guess Academy stuff if you want. Yeah, I guess I can answer those questions, too.

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