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Adventures in the Orient

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
Bohdon Wowtschuk Hello Shipmates! I am currently in the eleventh hour of a thirteen hour flight from Tokyo, Japan to JFK International Airport, New York. American Airlines bumped me up to Business Class after the TSA stole one of my souvenirs (I didn’t realize replica 19th century pistol shaped lighters were a threat to national security). So, I’m writing this blog in the short time I have between my complimentary Business Class foot massage and the complimentary Business Class eyebrow plucking I ordered (I should also have a complimentary bottle of Coca-Cola on its way if the stewardess, sorry flight attendant, doesn’t take all year).

This flight marks the conclusion of my first class summer training experience; probably the most exciting summers of my life. My training took me from the historic city of Cartagena to the tranquil forests of New Hampshire all the way to the bustling city of Honk Kong, and numerous places in between. It will take me a couple blogs to properly cover the experience, but since it is still fresh in my mind, I will dedicate this blog to recapping my three weeks in Hong Kong.

If you’ve been reading my blogs you should already know why I went to Hong Kong, so I need not waste time explaining that. I can confidently say that the three weeks I spent studying in Hong Kong were the most fun three weeks of my life (even better than going to school at the Academy). There are many stories from my time there that would be too involved for a blog entry, so I will have to give a general overview.

SHOPPING: Just like any red-blooded American boy, I love shopping. With enough money you can buy anything you want in Hong Kong. And I mean anything. Tailor made suit: 3,380 HK$, fake Rolex: 468 HK$, black dress socks from Brooks Brothers: 144 HK$, Cuban cigars: 80 HK$. Looking like a boss: Priceless.

DINING: All I remember eating in Hong Kong is nachos and dim sum. I don’t think the Chinese government allows for the import of fresh fruits and vegetables.

NIGHT LIFE: Three words…Lan Kwai Fong.

BEST MEMORIES: Obviously my favorite memories are from sitting in class lectures, engaging the other students on how the Coase Theory can be applied to Hayek’s view of decentralized planning, reading The Federalist, and studying every night, but the following are some other memories I have from outside the classroom: Ladies market/night, 3 a.m. dim sum, King Robert the Cruel, late night stroll on The Peak, “My Man! Frank Lucas,” Tram Party, working late at the office, the 118th floor of the International Commerce Center, Bus 91, my new favorite gemstone Topaz, and of course all the Lang Loi’s.

Oh and I almost forgot about the Fun Fact: My name in Cantonese is Lang Zai.

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