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cadet blogs

A Funny Story

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
Bohdon Wowtschuk Hello shipmates! Get ready, because you are about to read my first official Cadet Blog. I am going to tell you a funny story from a few weeks ago.

It was about three or four weeks ago, and I was walking back to my room from my last afternoon class. As I turned the corner to enter my room, I was taken a back at what I saw. The room’s carpet was soaking wet. “What the heck happened?” I shouted at my roommate who was sitting at his desk checking on his lousy fantasy football team. “We are taking on water, shipmate,” he replied. I walked into my room to get a closer look and realized that the entire back half of the room is under a quarter inch of water. I stepped on a section of damp red carpet and brown water seeped out like a sponge around my black boot. “This is disgusting,” I exclaimed to my roommate who was busy looking up a new wide receiver to add from free agency. “Yeah I know, apparently the radiator broke. I emailed in work order, so it should be any day now before they come to clean it up.”

It was two more days until the civilian contractors came to secure the leaking pipe. During these two days, a putrid stench began to emanate from the wet carpet. Every day after class, I would go to my room only to walk into a wall of what I can only describe as a mix of urine and wet dog smell. Unfortunately, the contractors did not bother to dry the carpet, so we were forced to air dry our room for the next four days. The stench stuck around for another week.

Well, that’s it, right? Not exactly. About a week and a half later the radiator started leaking again. It wasn’t as much water, but the stench returned in full force. This time we didn’t even bother to file the work order. Thankfully in a couple days the water dried up, and the stench dissipated.

I am not mad about the radiator leaking, I thought it was amusing. At the Academy, you learn to find humor in everything. Some annexes in Chase Hall are fairly old, and it is understandable for things to break. Luckily, Chase Hall is currently under renovation.

Fun Fact: My favorite band is Tool

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