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Dawn of a New Semester

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2012) Permanent link   All Posts
Mark Zanowicz It’s January now, which means winter leave has officially ended. I’ve said goodbye to my friends and family and the twinkling Christmas lights are just a memory. I’m back at the Academy, with the spring academic semester beginning next week.

It’s a pretty busy time around here. At the beginning of each semester, we change rooms, get new roommates, and change divisions. With new people to work with and new cadets leading the regiment, a new semester always means a few hiccups at first as everyone starts getting settled into their new positions.

As my third or fourth time coming back to the Academy after a long period of leave, I find it never really gets easier. It’s always a little tough to get back into the regime: waking up at 0600 and going to formation is a far cry from my daily schedule on leave, mostly consisting of waking up at noon and eating half a box of Eggo waffles. But whether I’m ready or not, the new semester is just days away, and I know the best thing now is to just buckle down and get ready.

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