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Message to Delta 4/c

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Daghir Photo The following is a message I was asked to write to the 4/c cadets leaving Delta Company and going off to the operational Coast Guard for third class summer. I think that it is pretty crazy that I am about to be a 1/c cadet and am getting ready for my last summer here. I have learned so much this year alone and am preparing to take command of the drill department next semester as department head. I was Master at Arms for the department this semester and it was a lot of extra work but it was rewarding and challenging. In addition, we finished up our lacrosse season without any NEWMAC wins but we played through the season admirably and I am super excited to take on the teams we played this year as a stronger no-longer-inaugural team next year. I had a lot of fun and was humbled by the experience of moving up to varsity.


To the 4/c:


I guess I'll start by saying that it was really cool to get to know you this year and to watch you assimilate into life here at the CGA. It's strange; time has passed so quickly so I don't really feel like I have much knowledge to impart on you. But I have a few things :)


Know that even though this year was rough and that more roughness will likely occur in the next few, this is where you are meant to be. This isn't real life but the Academy prepares us for it. I know that I still have another year here but no matter what happens in the next 52 weeks, I know that I have become a better person, more aware of those around me and better able to handle stressful situations.


Don't be afraid to uphold the standard. Being accountable isn't honestly that hard and if everyone is following the rules, then everything is a lot less awkward. As a 3/c, you should take pride in being a role model for the new 4/c and everyone will appreciate your work.


Get excited about where you are! The next three years will go by so fast if you just embrace it and have fun. Have study parties and go to sports games and take longs when you want to do something cool. Have fun with your friends and don't get into a funk about things you can't control. I only remember the good times :)


Each year moves faster, so if you feel like this one flew, they all are about to pick up the pace even more. Have fun and be smart this summer, learn as much as you can.


Remember where you came from, Delta is awesome, but get pumped about your new company, too. We're gonna miss you! Go Bears!


2/c Lucy Daghir


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Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!

(Just for Fun, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Culp Photo Today I was walking to lunch when I spotted an officer in the distance. I prepared to issue the proper formal greeting and salute…then found myself doing a hilarious little half-salute, half-overexcited wave thing as I exclaimed, “Hey, Commander! How’s it going?” Why the sudden adjustment of military customs? That particular commander happened to be one of the Academy’s sponsor parents, whose family I had visited several times! So, conflicting thoughts of “officer – salute now!” and “Hey, I know him!” resulted in a unique new gesture of acknowledgement. Maybe I can get that into our military etiquette book…


During Swab Summer, the incoming 4/c has the chance to fill out an application for a sponsor family. You are asked questions about where you are from, what activities you enjoy, how you feel about pets, etc. Each cadet is then matched with a family and gets the chance to have dinner with them over the summer. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for my own sponsor parents – there are truly no two more gracious and caring people! Plus, hanging out with their menagerie of creatures makes for a very good time indeed! It’s wonderful to be able to go over to a regular home and spend the night watching movies, eating delicious meals, bringing friends over, and doing homework somewhere that is NOT your Chase Hall room! These families are always there to provide support as we navigate the rough channels of Academy life. Sometimes I’ll come off of a tough week at school, frustrated and tired but then, I head over to my sponsors’ and get a chance to relax and refocus under their encouragement. It makes a world of difference at a challenging institution!


Each cadet has the choice to get a sponsor family officially assigned. What has never ceased to amaze me, however, is the willingness of every family to just pick up random cadets and adopt them as well. I experienced this with the aforementioned officer and his family – having met them at the Academy chapel, I wound up over at their house frequently enough that they had no choice but to call me their sponsor cadet. They perfectly exhibit the across-the-board generosity of all of the sponsors in the program. It seems like every family is thrilled to adopt more cadets than just those assigned to them! The corps is truly blessed to have such a strong support base during our four years here. If you are an incoming cadet, please strongly consider finding a sponsor, even if home is just a few hours away! You will not regret it – and your friends, who will undoubtedly wind up following you over to their home at some point, will be just as grateful!


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Just Be You

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2018) Permanent link
Chang Photo When most people think of the military, they picture rows of robotic movements, perfectly in sync with a single command. While this may be true for things like Swab Summer and drill, this isn’t what life at the Academy is all about. Being your own person is one of the most important things in a place like this; it helps retain some sanity. I think that’s why we have Eclipse Week, a week that the Academy sets aside to appreciate diversity because times have changed.


This week, Academy had its annual poetry slam, followed by a talent show. We had twelve brave 4/c and two 3/c recite poetry on a variety of topics such as the discrepancies in Harry Potter to how breaking up is like owning a cat. The talent show was just as great with an awesome piano piece and step team. The winner was a 3/c who played a violin version of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” It made me wonder why he is in the Coast Guard because he probably could have gotten a record deal somewhere.


Last but not least, we had the honor of having officers from all over the country come to the Academy for the week. There were officers of different backgrounds, cultures, sexual orientations, ethnicities and tracks of life here. While this meant that most of the cadets had their hands in a permanent salute, it was an experience to hear these officers speak that made it all worth it. We also had the honor of having the Commandant of the Coast Guard, Admiral Zukunft, attend as well as the first Asian-American admiral of the Coast Guard, Rear Admiral Vojvodich. This event really reminded me of the other missions the Coast Guard – we’re not only here to save lives but also to bring them together in a way that builds a mutual understanding of who we are and what we have. So, if you come here, just be you.


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Pilot Shadow

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Ritchie Photo This weekend, I went on my first helicopter ride. The Academy’s Pilot Shadow Program provides cadets with the opportunity to travel to Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod in Massachusetts to experience the life of a pilot for the weekend. Flight school is one of the many options we have upon graduation from the Academy and this program gives us an opportunity to see what life would be like if we choose that path. Though flight school is highly competitive, the Pilot Shadow Program is open to all cadets, on a first-come, first-served basis. I did it last year and had a great time so as soon as I heard that the sign-ups for this spring came out, I added my name and my friend’s names to the sheet.


Each weekend, there are four slots so that two cadets can fly with the fixed-wing crew and two can fly with the helicopter crew. The cadets fly one platform on Saturday and switch on Sunday. Last year, my friend, Katie and I decided to fly fixed-wing in the CASA-144 on Saturday and the helo on Sunday. We were really disappointed when the weather was too bad to fly on Sunday. For about a year, we have been anticipating the Coast Guard helicopter ride and we finally got one yesterday. The crew was really nice and helpful. They answered all the questions we had, let us take over communications on the radios, and even let us try the hovering controls with the door open. It was a great experience.


Today, we flew in the CASA-144, a fixed-wing plane. It was an interesting flight because some of the computer systems were down and one of the crew members had motion sickness. It was fascinating, though, to see how well the crew communicated with one another, overcame each challenge and still accomplished their mission.


I still haven’t decided what I want to do when I graduate but the Academy offers so many awesome chances to understand all of the options.


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Alaska Here I Come!

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Eshleman Photo We started April off with the excitement of switching back to Tropical Blue uniforms from Standard Dress Bravos. The weather is finally getting warmer and I felt the sun on my face for the first time in ages. April marks a lot of exciting things for fourth class. We just received wardroom “carry-on” so we do not have to square our meals anymore. Everyone in the Class of 2018 has passed boards, so full carry-on is hopefully on its way. It is crazy that fourth class year is almost over. This summer I am headed to Ketchikan, Alaska for five weeks at a small boat station, then on to Eagle for six weeks after that. I am excited to get fleet experience. Alaska is surprisingly not as cold as one may think in the summer. Ketchikan is in the 60s during the day. It is also the salmon capital of the world and surrounded by a national forest, so in my free time I would love to go hiking, fishing, etc.


Right now I am focusing on finishing out the year strong with the last round of tests/finals approaching. This semester has been insanely busy between playing water polo, Glee Club, military obligations, and a heavy workload. When I think back to how far I have come since R-Day ten months ago, the amount I have learned and accomplished shocks me. I am super excited for this summer and my next few years at the CGA. As always, feel free to email me with any questions! 


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