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Returning to a New Role and Extracurricular Activities

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Eshleman Photo So, I am finally back at school after a long, adventurous summer of sailing on Eagle and working at Station Ketchikan, Alaska. The school year is kicking off with Cadet Administrative Processing (CAP) week. I have gotten my schedule, which consists of a heavy load of science and math. I am super excited to begin my engineering classes, although slightly nervous. Coming back after fourth class year, I was not sure what to expect. Getting greeted for the first time by a fourth class stunned me. But I am excited to fulfill my place in the corps as a “role model” and I hope that I can be as good of a third class to my fourth class as mine were to me last year. I am also going to do my best to hold myself accountable and not fall into the “under the radar third class” slump.


Fall sports are starting up and I am participating in Triathlon Club for the first time. I am running my first triathlon this upcoming weekend! The team has been extremely welcoming. I have always loved long distance sports, so I am enjoying the sport thus far. The best thing about the Coast Guard Academy is having the opportunity to try new things, and I am attempting to take full advantage of as many of the options that are available while I am here. Glee Club is going to be very busy this year. I am in three singing groups: Glee Club, Fairwinds, and the Octet. Fairwinds is reworking their sound right now and we are attempting a new style of music. We have been singing the same songs for many years, so it is time to move on to some new pieces. Overall, this is going to be a very hectic year. There is a lot to learn before next summer when the Class of 2020 comes, and we will have to take on the mentor role of cadre. I am hoping to prepare myself as best as I can throughout the 2015–2016 school year.


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A Cadet Summer

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Kimura Photo There’s summer, and then there’s a cadet summer. Here’s a warning; be prepared for a summer of travelling, getting dirty, climbing, new people, and experiences to share.


Five, six, three. Five weeks on CGC Eagle, six weeks at Station San Francisco, three weeks of leave in Hawaii. The first five weeks I spent on Eagle we cruised the southeast coast and the Caribbean. Of the port calls in Key West, Florida; Nassau, Bahamas; Norfolk, Virginia; and Staten Island, New York, surprisingly, one of the most memorable experiences was in Norfolk. Harbor Fest just ended so the nightlife started to die down. At 9 p.m., a group of us still wanted to enjoy our last hours of liberty before getting underway again. As we walked the empty streets around town, we found a small hole-in-the-wall concert venue. Without any idea of the music playing, we paid our $5 to the doorman but apparently the regular price was $30. Walking through the entrance felt like stepping into a time machine. Neon lights, legwarmers, frizzy hair, engulfed in the lyrics “Whoaa-oh, we’re halfway there-er!! Whoaa-oh, livin’ on a prayer!!” Good thing I recently became an 80’s music fan so I recognized all the songs played that night. We walked onto a gem in the middle of Norfolk that turned into the best $5 spent.


The most unexpected events sometime make the best experiences.


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Sailing Through Summer

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Wright Photo Hi, everyone! So I know I haven't written in a while but I'll blame it on the amazing and crazy busy summer I have been having. I went on Eagle for two weeks and then came back and did Summer Ocean Racing (SOR) for the next five, which was an awesome experience. There were nine cadets and three coaches on the team. We sailed our J44 Glory in a number of races around New England; including the Newport to Annapolis race, New York Yacht Club Annual, and Block Island Race Week. Anyway, I am just going to give a quick list of the many things I learned/did during SOR.


1. Sailing is fun but overnight racing in the Ocean is amazing.


2. Changing sails at 2 a.m. is routine.


3. Clothes never completely dry out.


4. Falling asleep to dolphins squealing is really cool.


5. How to cook chili when the sailboat is heeled 20 degrees, as well as through a tack.


6. Everyone becomes one great, big family.


7. Hot chocolate tastes best late at night on watch.


8. That I get paid to do awesome stuff.


9. 16 knots is almost planing speed.


10. Diesel in the bilge will not clean itself.


11. Diesel and tropical-scented Dawn soap is a very interesting combination.


12. Sunsets/rises on the ocean is one of the most beautiful sights ever.


13. Clean sheets and a stationary bed is another of the most beautiful sights ever.


10. Hard work pays off!


Summer Ocean Racing isn't for everyone, but I had an amazing experience and can't wait to do it again next year!

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Summer at Home

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Schroeder Photo One of the most coveted things while attending the Academy is to go home. The Academy, and its summers, can be very strenuous (but still fun) and often cadets do not have the chance to go home very much. Being from Montana, I get to go home only twice a year: during Christmas and summer leave periods, so I cherish every moment.


After spending the summer in Alaska, which was a lot cooler than I thought, it was nice to come home. Montana is more of a desert climate, so it can get above 100 degrees in the summer, yet down to the -40s in the winter. It has been a hot summer here, so as soon as I got home, I was able to spend time on the lake with my family. I also took a camping trip to Glacier National Park with my family, and of course have had the opportunity to see and hang out with all of my friends from home.


Although being home is nice, being at the Academy causes cadets to change and mature in a lot of ways because they are away from the comforts and securities that family can offer. Being at home is pretty eye-opening because it can show just how far you have come and how much you have matured compared to the “traditional” college student. The Academy simply gives you opportunities and experiences that other schools cannot, and makes you step out of your comfort zone quite often. So, although being home is enjoyable, I actually can’t wait to go back to school, see my friends, start the rugby season, and start my final year of school.


This fall is going to be busy. I’m taking some pretty difficult classes (organic chemistry, biochemistry…do I need say more?) and I am captain of the rugby team so I will have a lot on my plate. Even though it looks like it might be a tough semester, I’m still excited to go back to see all my friends because, at the Academy, friends are family and everyone creates a huge support network to help each other out. I think that is one of the biggest silver linings here – the lifelong friendships that you build. There really is nothing like it.


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A Look Back at January

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Williamson Photo Second semester just started up and we are all back into academics. As much as I love going to class every day, I am going to miss being home. Christmas break was our first long break from the Academy and my time at home was amazing. Although it felt strange to have nothing at all to do over break, I needed the relaxation.


During this upcoming summer, I will get to function in the operational Coast Guard and get real experience on a cutter and, of course, on the CGC Eagle. I am hoping to get assigned to the CGC Healy, which is a 420-foot icebreaker that goes up into the Arctic to break ice and conduct research. While it may not be as thrilling as chasing down drug smugglers in Florida, I am excited to be exposed to icebreaking operations, which is unique in the fact that this is a classic Coast Guard job helping out the American people by keeping shipping lanes and ports open. In addition, I will be exposed to science and the beauty of the far north. It should be a great time!


I decided to join track and field, and I am getting my butt kicked. Apparently sitting on the couch and eating Christmas candy is not the way to get in shape for track.


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