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All of a Sudden it's November

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Coburn Photo It seems like just yesterday we were coming back from our summers away in the fleet, but now all of a sudden it’s November. The past couple of months have flown by and we are that much closer to Thanksgiving break and then winter leave. October was definitely one of the most fun months I have had at the Academy so far. First, fall ball started for lacrosse so I got to practice with the team every week and then, at the end of October, we had our annual tournament at Springfield College. It was a lot of fun and I feel like our team has really come a long way since becoming a Division III team just last spring. At the Academy, we get Columbus Day weekend off so my friends and I took a trip to New York City. We stayed in Brooklyn, went to a concert, and walked the streets of New York as typical tourists.


The Academy is also a very exciting place to be around Halloween. Decorations are allowed in rooms and we are even allowed to dress up and have a Halloween dinner and parties in each company. As a class, 2018 went to a haunted house in Connecticut that was supposedly one of the scariest in the state. It was a great time for our class to come together and have some fun. With regard to Halloween, the command actually granted us a short, which meant that we had the night off. A couple of my friends and I went to Six Flags New England for Fright Fest, which was awesome. The weather was perfect and there were hardly any lines for the rides.


As the number of weeks until winter leave start to get shorter, though, the class assignments do start to pile up. While it may be a tough next couple of weeks, I know from last year that they will fly by and we will be sitting around the table at Thanksgiving before we know it.


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How to Remain Sane During the School Year

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Corcoran Photo I realize it’s been quite some time since my last blog entry because 1/c year is flying by with lots of homework and responsibilities. It’s hard to get everything done!


I’m so glad that I’m finally a 1/c cadet, but it seems like just yesterday I was a confused and awkward 4/c cadet squaring my meals and bracing up in the passageways. It’s amazing how far my class has come and how close we are to becoming commissioned officers in the United States Coast Guard!


Anyway, I realize there is still about six months left of school, but I wanted to use this blog post to give you my Ten Tips to Remaining Sane During the School Year. These are things that I’ve learned throughout my four years here at the Academy.


  1. Don’t procrastinate – get your work done ASAP. The sooner, the better. You’ll feel much better without big projects hanging over your head.
  2. Make time for yourself at least once or twice a week. Go get your nails done, read a book, go for a run…whatever you need. Just give yourself some “me” time.
  3. Big one – DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Obviously doing school work isn’t always going to make you happy, but make sure your major is one that you enjoy and make sure you want to go to your club or sports practice every day.
  4. Eat healthy, but have a cheat day every now and then. Eating healthy will make you feel so much better but ice cream (in moderation) is good, too!
  5. Make time to work out every day. Even if it’s just a little bit of time, doing something small everyday will raise your endorphins and you will be more productive when you do your work!
  6. Make a to-do list. This will ensure you don’t forget what you have to do and crossing items off the to-do list is one of the best feelings – you’ll feel much more accomplished!
  7. Get the sleep you need. For me, this is seven hours of sleep but it varies for every person. Getting enough sleep will help you be more productive during the day and studies also show that people who don’t get enough sleep gain weight.
  8. Keep your room clean. Cluttered room, cluttered mind. You will feel better looking at an organized desk versus a messy one.
  9. Take pride in your appearance. Make sure your uniform looks good and go out in clothes that you love. If you look good, you’ll feel good!
  10. Get away from school when you can! If you have homework, consider doing it at a coffee shop. Go grab dinner with friends at your favorite restaurant. Go on nature walks. A change of scenery will be good for you, especially when you go to the Academy and see the same colors every day.


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Midterms and Halloween at the CGA

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Schroeder Photo Last week officially marked midterms at the Academy. The semester is halfway over and I am one step closer to graduation this May. This weekend was Halloween and November and Thanksgiving are upon us. It’s crazy how fast this year is flying by.


As a first class cadet, sometimes it can be hard to concentrate on school; senioritis is very real here. However, there are plenty of privileges as a first class that have made it easier. I don’t have as many classes as a firstie, and so I have plenty of time off during the day to get my work done. Also as a first class, we get more liberty; on Thursdays I’m able to go off base to a café to do homework if I want to, or I can just go hang out with my friends. So, despite the tendencies I have as a first class to be unmotivated, I actually did well at midterms and was able to get my highest GPA yet! Even though midterms can be stressful, the end goal of graduation is in mind.


And even though school can sometimes be overwhelming, there are plenty of fun things the Academy does to celebrate our hard work and the holidays. The other night, we had a Halloween dinner where everyone got to dress up and compete for the best costume. After the dinner, cadets got to trick-or-treat at the officer’s houses on base. On Halloween, there was a zombie run where runners were chased by people dressed up as zombies while trying to make it to the finish line without being caught by one of them. Little things like that make school a lot less stressful.


Besides school, I’ve been pretty busy with rugby this fall. So far, we are undefeated and only have one more game this season. If we win this next game, we win our conference for the third year in a row and also get a chance to go to Nationals.


The main thing I’m looking forward to though is to get our billet list. Right before Thanksgiving all the first class cadets will receive a list of the assignments we have to choose from for our first tour as officers next year. It’s both scary and exciting to think that my future job as an officer is so close and soon I’ll be planning for it.


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Celebrating as a Cadet

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Culp Photo Over the long weekend, while I sat on my sponsor family’s couch and watched movies with them, I found myself considering the many costume possibilities for the upcoming Halloween dinner. Yes, holidays are celebrated within the Corps of Cadets, too! In fact, they are some of the most entertaining events of the year! For Halloween, all the cadets throw on whatever goofy costume they can conjure up, and we eat dinner together in the wardroom and participate in a costume contest. This is followed by the real gem of the evening – trick-or-treating on the hill where the Superintendent and the other Academy leaders live! And we’re not just talking about Hershey bars – cadets receive privileges such as extra liberty, late racks (a.k.a. sleeping in), positions like “Commandant of Cadets for a Day”, and all sorts of other prizes that beat candy corn any time! (Actually, maybe not candy corn…but definitely Twizzlers. And Tootsie Rolls.)


Thanksgiving is more low-key since cadets go on leave for the holiday. Many cadets are able to go home to see their families, but unfortunately, the limited time makes that impossible for others. The wardroom serves a Thanksgiving meal for those who are staying at the Academy for some reason, perhaps not enough time to travel far distances or for sports. Since I wasn’t able to go home my 4/c and 3/c year, I celebrated Thanksgiving with my sponsor family – they were gracious enough to let me stay with them for the entire leave period, and even eat all of their mashed potatoes. This year, I am absolutely thrilled to be going to home for the first time, as I qualified for extra time off to recruit potential cadets in my home state of Nebraska! The Admissions office gives some cadets permission to miss a couple days of classes prior to Thanksgiving leave as long as they visit high schools to talk about the Academy and try to get students interested. I can’t wait to see my family again, and for even more time than in a usual school year!


Christmastime at the Academy offers the chance to decorate for the weeks before finals and leave. Just as long as you don’t wreck anything, you can come up with all sorts of creative ways to brighten up your room! Last year, my roommate and I went crazy covering the walls with wrapping paper and creating a winter wonderland on the deck! It was quite festive, if I do say so myself! There are also some fun events on base; my favorite is the Lessons and Carols service. The Glee Club performs several Christmas songs at the chapel, with each song accompanied by a reading from the Bible. The lights are dimmed, and the whole congregation holds candles – and what a congregation it is, I might add! It is so wonderful to see the pews filled with so many people; it brings a new feeling of life to the quiet chapel!


In the spring semester, cadets are given a weekend off to celebrate Easter in whatever way they choose. Again, I’m not able to go home for this weekend, but I have been blessed with loving families that let me join them for that holiday! My 4/c year, a couple from the Officers’ Christian Fellowship took me with them to their church, which is an Episcopalian church just like mine at home. I’ve since been back to that church as much as possible. It is so much like the one I grew up in back in Nebraska; my first Academy Easter was made all the more special for God introducing me to a friendly congregation and a service so familiar! Last year, as a 3/c, I went with one of my best friends, Sulli, to New York City (one of my favorite places!) and spent the time with her mother and friends. We saw a show on Broadway, visited the 9/11 memorial, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, and simply enjoyed the sights of the city. I don’t know what I would do without people like Sulli and her mother sharing their holiday with me!


Please don’t assume from this entry that it’s not hard being away from my family during these important days; I always miss them the most when celebrations roll around. But, I’ve found that there are plenty of people and things to help make my holidays special in a different way while I go through life here. I’m very thankful for those blessings, and they help keep me going and allow me to enjoy my time here. That being said, the best holidays are undoubtedly the ones with my family in the land of corn and cows.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find some accessories for my Halloween costume – time to search “flapper headband” on Amazon…


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Highlights of September

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Mills Photo September flew by but had some great moments that I wanted to share. Most notably, we went to the Merchant Marine Academy for a rival game. I had a great time with the dance team cheering the football team along. I was able to make some new acquaintances and pet all of their super cute dogs that they are training as service dogs. This whole event brought the Corps of Cadets closer, as it does every year, and the 4/c get their first taste of fun with the corps in an off-base environment.


Secondly, Parents’ Weekend fell on my mother’s birthday this year. So, I took my mom around to all my classes and she had a blast taking pictures and embarrassing me. Parents’ Weekend is always fun because you get to meet all of your shipmates’ parents and there is such a warm environment in Chase Hall with everyone so happy to be with their families and show off their rooms, classes, etc. I also had the privilege of having my mom watch me carry the guidon during drill. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to help train and support the 4/c this semester, and having my mom watch me carry a symbol of that accomplishment really made my day.


September is such a great month at the Academy with so many events to look forward to. I hope to keep the positive momentum and vibes going into the rest of the semester.


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