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A Much Needed Spring Break

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Schroeder Photo If I could tell you one thing about the Academy, it is that time flies while here as a cadet. It is already the end of March of my sophomore year here and in a few short months I will be training the incoming class of 2018. All of it seems unreal considering the fact that it feels like just yesterday I was a swab.


After a couple seemingly long months without leave, a spring break was much needed. This month for spring break I jetted out to Orlando with a couple friends to go to Universal Studios and Disney World. I also have a friend who is interning at Disney this semester, and I got to see him for the first time in a long time. I got to see both Universal Parks and Epcot at Disney, and it was great to finally get some sun, have some fun and catch up with friends.


From experience, I know that time really starts to fly after spring break, and second semester ends before you know it. However, coming back from spring break was kind of rough. It was definitely tough to get back into the school grind after such a long lovely break. However, it’s already fourth quarter and final projects are already starting to pop up.


For now, I am just anxious for March and April to be over, because I get to go home, and to go to Mexico on vacation with my family in May. I also get to see my brother graduate high school in the first week of June. Going home will be a great way to start the summer, and I absolutely cannot wait to become a cadre and finally be able to train the new swabs like I was trained two summers ago.


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Go Rhea It’s Your Birthday…

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Doctolero Photo February is my favorite month. Not for Valentine’s Day, or the fact that it means only three months left of school. It’s my birthday month! I’m really excited. Gone are the days that I’m called a teenager; I’m finally the big 2-oh! And only one more year until the even bigger milestone. It’s upsetting how miserably cold it is still. In Miami, it would be warming up by now, but instead of getting warmer it feels like it’s getting colder. There are people making snowmen for crying out loud.


Not much is new in the world of academics. My classes are still mildly difficult and we still have so many trainings I can’t think straight. God knows how many times I’ve taken that alcohol awareness training, and I can’t even drink.


This year Valentine’s Day fell on Presidents Day weekend. My boyfriend flew up and we went to Boston. I had never been before but it will definitely be a place I visit again. We went to a spa, comedy shows, painting, tons of sightseeing, and of course shopping. It was a great weekend and was a much needed vacation. It’s nice to have a break. My dad always told me work for the breaks, and it’s easier when they are so close together. Speaking of breaks, spring break is right around the corner and it’s going to be a good one. I’m spending a week in Myrtle Beach and I can’t wait. Bikinis, sun, and seafood? Count me in.


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So Much Going On

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Cantrell Photo This past month has been so much fun and very eventful! I went home for spring break and was able to see my family and friends. The weather was PERFECT down there and it was a great break from the cold (yes it is still cold up here…actually if you ask me, it is FREEZING!). Like all things, spring break flew by and before I knew it I was on a flight back up. I don’t get that pit in my stomach anymore when I cross the bridge because I really do love it here. I have so many great friends and teachers and I love socializing with everyone and being able to always be on the go. The Academy really does grow on you and I have accepted the fact that it is my home away from home.


The weekend I got back from spring break I helped at a children’s fair in Mystic. I really enjoyed playing games with the kids and seeing them so excited when they got to pick their prize out of the bag. It’s a nice change of pace to involve yourself with kids and it was a nice break from the Academy.


This past weekend was Castle Dance for the first class cadets and I was able to go as a date and it was SO MUCH FUN! The group I was with got a house a couple of hours away and we spent the weekend there. It was great to see friends from other schools and be able to dress up and go to the dance. I love dancing so I was excited to go and dance with friends.


This upcoming month is hectic with school (as it always is at the end of the semester). I have a couple of papers due, presentations, test, quizzes, daily homework, and then, naturally, the infamous exams. Of course this is one of the reasons I am here so I can’t complain too much. I just stress out thinking about all the due dates, but like everything it will all fall into place and I will get it done on time.


OH! How could I forget…we received our summer assignments a couple of weeks ago and this summer I will be going to CGC Valiant and Sector Honolulu, Hawaii. I am beyond excited to get out to the fleet and experience the Coast Guard. Other than Eagle, I have not been aboard a Coast Guard cutter so I am extremely grateful I can experience one before I become an ensign.


Hope everyone’s semester is going as great as mine is and you all are staying busy with school, sports, and community service. As always, don’t hesitate with any questions!


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Spirit Missions

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Pourmonir Photo What is a spirit mission? I thought you would never ask! A spirit mission is an attempt by fourth class cadets to increase the overall spirit or morale of the Corps of Cadets by an action which will be found humorous, frustrating, or just plain mean. Yes, basically an excuse to prank the upper-class. This very highly esteemed “mission” is only given to the most trusted rank of the corps, us fourth class. Once you finish your fourth class year, you no longer have an excuse to carry out spirit missions. This being said, as someone who played a major role in every spirit mission carried out in Alfa Company thus far, I thought I would share some of my experience.


Caution: None of the following have been done by trained professionals and they are not recommended to be attempted at home. Alfa Company started off simple, putting saran wrap on cups at lunch and doors at night. It rapidly escalated. Before the end of the semester we had filled the hallway with boxes blocking the doors of our company commander and executive officer, stole the Air Force exchange cadet’s uniform and replaced it with a bright orange pair of foul weather gear, and left all of our phones in our Guidon’s room with alarms set in the middle of the night. Might I add the last phone was in a lock box, which we disguised to trick him into thinking it was his own. We also toilet papered the wardroom and barricaded the regimental commanders car by placing a log the size of a telephone pole underneath his car between his wheels. If you find none of this funny don’t worry, you will in good time. But the moral of this story is morale. As fourth class we create it, and its presence depends on us! Now I’d like to mention that after all these pranks we created a picture slideshow with and original song about Alfa Company and our Guidon, which we used to thank him for being awesome. Side note, he is now the second class in charge of my development. Crazy how things work out. If you would like to watch the video, here it is.


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See Ya Later

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Kuntz Photo Christmas break has come and gone and I find myself yet again stuffed into the plethora of assignments that I have due this week. I’ve never been a procrastinator and still have so much work! But it will all be for the better because I’m trying to frontload some of the work so my life won’t be as stressful once sailing season comes around.


Being home was simply awesome. It was amazing to see all of my family and best friends and hear all of their stories about “real” college (Ohio State and Miami! Woot Woot!). It was hard to describe some of the stuff that goes on here because every story needs another story to explain why we do things the way we do. I slept in with my puppy, sprawled all over my queen sized bed, stayed in sweats all day, ate my weight in Christmas cookies, went ice skating, and got to spend time with those who matter the most. It’s definitely hard leaving everyone again, especially my brother and my parents, because I don’t know when I’m going to be home next. The goodbyes are getting easier though because it’s more of a “see ya later” kind of thing!


Weather-wise, Connecticut winters are actually a little bit milder than back home! My brother didn’t have school for almost an entire week because of snow days but we haven’t been that lucky yet... Well, back to the books!


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