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Returning Home to the Academy

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Daniels Photo For some reason this year, as I find myself returning to the monochromatic Chase Hall, there is no longer the sense of dread there was previously. I almost looked forward to returning and being with my friends and getting back into the routine of the Academy. By no means was winter leave unwelcome, a respite was both needed and gladly accepted, but there is something about a routine that helps me be much more productive than my lazy self on leave.


For the first time at the Academy, I earned a place on the athletic directors list. To do this, I had to score well enough on the fitness exam, which, while never being a concern of mine, has never been one of my strengths either. It was one of the prouder moments in my cadet career so far, I found myself finally able to see a concrete result of the work I had been doing.


This upcoming semester, I’m also starting a new program with the Connecticut College Orchestra, through which a few cadets will be able to participate in their program. I’ve been trying to revive cadet music, and this is a big step for us, because the program will allow for option for cadets who can’t participate in other groups due to time constraints, and allow a little more participation. On another musical note, our cadet-run brass ensemble had our first performance at the winter formal. Everything went smoothly, and we’re looking forward to another great semester of music.


Until next time!


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Unforgettable Moments

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Martorell Crespo Photo My cadet experience has been really nice. It has been a fun and exciting experience. Being here at the Academy is something unique and cadets have unforgettable moments. On the weekends, we have leave Saturday afternoon and return at midnight and Sundays, we leave in the morning and return at 1800. Being out of Chase Hall is something nice and you get to relax outside for a little bit with your friends. I usually hang out with my friends or see my sister when she comes from West Point to visit me.


Also, we had a ballroom dance and it was something enjoyable to experience for the first time being a fourth class. You go with your date or with your friends, dance and have a great time! You get full carry on and as a fourth class you are just happier than ever! So far, my cadet experience has been about fun, academics, and unforgettable moments. Starting from the very first day as a fourth class and until now, it has been something I will never forget.


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Throwback Thursday: Winter Wondering What to Do

(Just for Fun, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Sherman Photo Last February I worked on a collaboration video with my classmate and fellow blogger Luke Carani. In honor of the 2014 winter Olympics we put together a video about the fun activities available to us during the cold winter months. The only thing is that school and other things got in the way, and I wasn’t able to finish editing the video in time to get it out during the winter. So I waited until this winter to put it out as a way to remind myself that just because it’s cold, there is not reason why we still can’t have fun and stay active outside this winter! Check it out!

*Special thanks to artist Har Megiddo for the use of his music in this video.

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The Academic Year

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 Martorell Crespo Photo Being a fourth class is tough but fun at the same time. First semester is almost over and now I can’t wait to start second semester. We always have homework plus other tasks that we have to accomplish, but that is just preparing us even more.


I have learned the importance of time management and setting goals while being here at the Academy. If you want to do well, you have to do your homework every day, use your time wisely, pay attention in class and never fall asleep. Academics here are a challenge, but if others have made it through, why can’t I? Every day I am busy and don’t usually have time to go out and talk with my friends. Some weekends I don’t even leave the Academy because of the quantity of work I have. But if you want to succeed you have to sacrifice.


I always try to work ahead and seek help when I don’t understand something. As time passes by, I enjoy being here more and more. You have a lot of school work but you can have fun at the same time. Upon arriving here at the Academy, I thought I would only have time to study and never have the opportunity to socialize or relax, but there is always time for everything. I study, but also there are times where you can have a morale night and get carry-on, get smoothies, talk with your friends, and have fun. In the end, working hard is worth it.


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Study Groups and Spinning Some Cotton Candy

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Richter Photo September marked the Class of 2018’s first full academic month here at the Academy, and for me it absolutely flew by. As I’ve heard said, the days here are never-ending (and yet still not long enough) but the weeks are short. Academically, it’s safe to say that I’ve never seen so much homework. But one thing that’s great about being a 4/c is that, for the most part, all of your shipmates are taking the exact same courses as you – meaning that it’s never difficult to find a study group. And with such a diverse mixture of cadets, there’s a wealth of knowledge to be attained. Some 4/c, like me, are fresh out of high school while others are prior enlisted or even have college degrees. That being said, there’s always someone who knows more than you do on any given subject, which is a blessing. Within the company, select upperclassmen have signed on as tutors for various major-specific courses, while others are just enthusiastic and always willing to help.


Aside from academics, each week seems to bring a new list of duties to perform at various levels within the Corps of Cadets. Sometimes adventurous, other times not so much, but always present. (Like anything else here, it’s your shipmates who can make the difference.) As a member of Morale Division, I’m gifted with the arduous task of collaborating with my fellow division members to create and maintain high spirits within Golf Company. Whether that’s spinning cotton candy for an hour, planning a full week of Halloween events, or auctioning off pies to smash your cadre with (a major fundraising success), it’s always an amusing and rewarding task. Best of all, the ideas and projects are ever-changing.


Needless to say, every day here so far has been an adventure. One of my concerns was that after setting the Academy as my goal for so long, it couldn’t possibly live up to my expectations. In contrast, it has far exceeded them. The caliber and quality of the cadets here as well as the long, ever-growing list of opportunities simply can’t be beaten. I doubt that any other university could have provided me with this level of attachment so quickly, both to the place and the people. And I know that no other university could have provided me with all the opportunities I’ll get to experience over the course of the next four years and for the rest of my life – from the fine art of cotton candy crafting to all the aspects of sailing, leading, and learning.


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