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October 2015 Highlights

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Glick Photo I’m looking at my ticker for graduation and it tells me that there are 560 days until the Class of 2017 graduates. How the time has flown by this semester. October’s highlights include the Model United Nations (MUN) team attending the MUN Conference in New York City, Halloween dinner, and of course, midterm exams.


I went to Columbia University for the Model UN Conference and I had a great experience. This wasn’t my first rodeo—I’ve gone to five conferences since I started at the Academy. I’ve attended National MUN in Washington D.C., West Point Security Conference and New York University MUN Conference. Columbia’s conference was fast paced, and I was a member of the Soviet Union 1950s historical committee, debating with delegates from Harvard, Yale, UC Berkeley, and other big name schools about where we should take the USSR on the world stage. I learned about how the USSR functioned during the 20th century, and sharpened my debating and parliamentary procedure skills. In November, I along with other members of the team, will be running simulations to get us ready for the West Point Security Conference in February. Some team members are also traveling to Rome, Italy for Harvard World MUN in the spring semester.


Halloween dinner this year was a blast. Cadets in all classes donned their costumes for dinner in the cadet wardroom and then stormed The Hill, where the Admiral and the other top officers live. The exchange cadet in my company and I swapped uniforms for the dinner and we went as “Swab and Sarge.” I wore the famous West Point grays, while he was dressed up as a swab.


Midterms came and went, and there was one week where I had four exams! This semester has gone very well academically, and I am finally getting into higher level elective classes. My favorite class is Human Resources Management, where the topics range from pay policy to handling cases of discrimination. It’s an interesting class, and my enthusiasm for law and labor relations is growing. Soon, Thanksgiving will be on its way (only 22 more days)!


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Developing an Identity

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Tousignant Photo Throughout my life, my identity has been rooted in my athleticism. In high school, I was known as the basketball player, the volleyball player, and the thrower. Being an athlete was all I ever knew. I had always been part of a team and took pride in my athletic achievements. When deciding to come to the Academy, I was told to join a sport because my teammates and coaches will look out for me. I took this advice and became part of a team that I then considered my family at the Academy. My identity continued to be rooted in being part of a team. This group identity has always allowed me to depend on other people to look out for my best interests even if I did not.


Now that I am no longer part of a sports team, I am able to develop my identity separately from a group. I have to rely on myself, which is making me a stronger and more independent person. Now I have to develop my own opinions, which is helping me to speak up for myself and I am gaining a new confidence that I never had before. I am confident in the individual that I have become and have been brought to the realization that there are so many more important things in life than sports. I did not join the Coast Guard to play sports. I joined it to save lives, and this is what I want to focus on.


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Highlights of September

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Mills Photo September flew by but had some great moments that I wanted to share. Most notably, we went to the Merchant Marine Academy for a rival game. I had a great time with the dance team cheering the football team along. I was able to make some new acquaintances and pet all of their super cute dogs that they are training as service dogs. This whole event brought the Corps of Cadets closer, as it does every year, and the 4/c get their first taste of fun with the corps in an off-base environment.


Secondly, Parents’ Weekend fell on my mother’s birthday this year. So, I took my mom around to all my classes and she had a blast taking pictures and embarrassing me. Parents’ Weekend is always fun because you get to meet all of your shipmates’ parents and there is such a warm environment in Chase Hall with everyone so happy to be with their families and show off their rooms, classes, etc. I also had the privilege of having my mom watch me carry the guidon during drill. I am proud to have been given the opportunity to help train and support the 4/c this semester, and having my mom watch me carry a symbol of that accomplishment really made my day.


September is such a great month at the Academy with so many events to look forward to. I hope to keep the positive momentum and vibes going into the rest of the semester.


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Autumn in New England

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Cannon Photo Well, it's the first day of fall in New London, Connecticut. I am going to miss the warm weather, summer nights, days at the lake, and so on and so forth. But despite not being the biggest fan of colder weather, I honestly have high hopes for this upcoming autumn/winter. You might ask, "But Colton, how in the world could you find enjoyment of the bitter New England cold where you aren't right down the road from the nearest Chick-Fil-A or Waffle House?" While that is definitely a valid question, there are plenty of upsides to the changing of seasons (despite being so far from Georgia). Autumn means a couple of things: bonfires, camping, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, THANKSGIVING, state fairs (I'll take a fried order of everything you have, please), college football games (WDE), dressing more formal is considered casual...and that is just off the top of my head. Probably one of the sweetest parts of the fall up here is a large-scale obstacle course I go to in Vermont each year. Not only is it eight to ten miles of variations of crawling, running, pull ups, and carrying heavy objects, but the changing color of the trees in the Vermont mountains is unbelievable. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious...


The summer was pretty incredible though, don't get me wrong. Whether it was sailing around New England and spending the fourth of July in Nantucket (or was it Martha's Vineyard?), or training incoming swabs (easily the best part of my Academy experience so far), it was a time of non-stop adventure. I will say though that training the swabs with Lyme Disease was an interesting experience to say the least. If I were to yell at any point, I would be completely out of energy for the rest of the day. Despite that, it may have been a blessing in disguise. Since I was unable to yell and scream nonsense like cadre tend to resort to, I was forced to actually use leadership lessons and be one of the more approachable cadre when it came to classroom time with the swabs. I may have not instilled the fear of God in them, but I do believe that taking this alternative approach allowed me to truly gain respect from many of my swabs (now freshmen!!!), and we are all able to have healthy yet professional relationships to this day. I am thankful for all of the unforgettable experiences in my journey as a cadet so far, and anticipate the many more to come.


Go Bears Baseball!


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A Look Back at March (Hogwarts Edition)

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Sandri Photo In the words of Taylor Swift and Rihanna, it’s a typical Tuesday night and there’s three more days ‘til Friday! Right now, I’m holed up in the library writing a research paper and studying for one of my six exams this week, but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: after our last military obligation (LMO) this Friday, the corps will leave for Spring Break. I will be traveling to Peru with the Academy’s Catholic group for a service trip, and I can’t wait!


It feels like this semester has flown by. It started with the “Dark Ages” of January and February and a completely new 23-credit course load, but as the days get longer and weather gets warmer, I’m re-realizing how great the Academy can be. The beginning and end of the school year here are my favorites, probably because they surround the awesome Academy summers, and everything seems a bit shiny and exciting. Second semester went by in a heartbeat last year, and this year it’s doing the same.


So now, on to the important stuff. It’s often said that the CGA is like Hogwarts. Without further ado, here’s a list of reasons why:


  • We have a Room of Requirement, a.k.a. the class cages. Cadets can store extra belongings and unauthorized room items in the attic of Chase Hall, but there are no promises you’ll be able to find them again.
  • Our library has a restricted book section.
  • We are issued long bathrobes.
  • The corps is divided into eight companies, like the four houses, and each company has their own wing area.
  • We compete for “Honor Company,” the equivalent of the “House Cup.”
  • One of my teachers greatly resembles Professor Umbridge. Except she’s not at all evil.
  • MES majors take a Potions class. (Technically called Physical Oceanography).
  • It’s a bit like living in another hemisphere, especially for 4/c who have no social media and more required time on campus.
  • Parts of Chase Hall are constantly being renovated/constructed. You’re guaranteed to find new spaces to get lost in at least once.
  • We eat meals family-style.
  • “There are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll is one of them.” Times at the Academy can be crazy and rough, but your friends will see you through the best and the worst!

As always, feel free to email me at with any questions.


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