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All of a Sudden it's November

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Coburn Photo It seems like just yesterday we were coming back from our summers away in the fleet, but now all of a sudden it’s November. The past couple of months have flown by and we are that much closer to Thanksgiving break and then winter leave. October was definitely one of the most fun months I have had at the Academy so far. First, fall ball started for lacrosse so I got to practice with the team every week and then, at the end of October, we had our annual tournament at Springfield College. It was a lot of fun and I feel like our team has really come a long way since becoming a Division III team just last spring. At the Academy, we get Columbus Day weekend off so my friends and I took a trip to New York City. We stayed in Brooklyn, went to a concert, and walked the streets of New York as typical tourists.


The Academy is also a very exciting place to be around Halloween. Decorations are allowed in rooms and we are even allowed to dress up and have a Halloween dinner and parties in each company. As a class, 2018 went to a haunted house in Connecticut that was supposedly one of the scariest in the state. It was a great time for our class to come together and have some fun. With regard to Halloween, the command actually granted us a short, which meant that we had the night off. A couple of my friends and I went to Six Flags New England for Fright Fest, which was awesome. The weather was perfect and there were hardly any lines for the rides.


As the number of weeks until winter leave start to get shorter, though, the class assignments do start to pile up. While it may be a tough next couple of weeks, I know from last year that they will fly by and we will be sitting around the table at Thanksgiving before we know it.


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Different Perspective

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Auzenbergs Photo One month into my second year here at the Academy, and I could not have imagined the difference just one summer would make. Coming back as a 3/c was the weirdest feeling. Being called ma’am, being allowed to look around and use all the “shortcuts” on campus like certain sidewalks and side doors, and wearing rec gear out on liberty as opposed to trops was great but odd! I have also realized how many small monotonous tasks the 4/c have to do that make each day that much more difficult. Now, not needing to do those things like clocks (counting down from 10-minutes to go until each meal), taking out the upperclassmen’s trash, greeting everyone who walks by you in the hallway, and studying for indoc tests (information learned during Swab Summer that 4/c are quizzed on weekly during the school year), it feels like there should be more time in the day. Keeping that in mind, my schedule is just as packed, with classes 0800-1600 twice a week, and a four-hour lab on Tuesdays and Thursdays, soccer practice from 1600-1800 Monday through Friday, and homework to fill all the gaps.


Getting back into soccer was easily the highlight of my year. I could not play right away when we came back in August, but after a month of strengthening, running, and getting my touches back, I finally played in my first game in a year this past weekend. Being on the soccer team is definitely my favorite part of the Academy, and practices and games are what I look forward to each day. The annual tournament that we play in was a blast this year – we travelled to Fredericksburg, Virginia to play the University of Mary Washington, and Randolph-Macon College. The team does a great job of keeping things lighthearted and fun, and this year we have a shot at a record-breaking season. The few hours a day spent having fun down at the soccer fields are what really help me get through each week, and it’s an added bonus when the team is doing so well!


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How to Remain Sane During the School Year

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Corcoran Photo I realize it’s been quite some time since my last blog entry because 1/c year is flying by with lots of homework and responsibilities. It’s hard to get everything done!


I’m so glad that I’m finally a 1/c cadet, but it seems like just yesterday I was a confused and awkward 4/c cadet squaring my meals and bracing up in the passageways. It’s amazing how far my class has come and how close we are to becoming commissioned officers in the United States Coast Guard!


Anyway, I realize there is still about six months left of school, but I wanted to use this blog post to give you my Ten Tips to Remaining Sane During the School Year. These are things that I’ve learned throughout my four years here at the Academy.


  1. Don’t procrastinate – get your work done ASAP. The sooner, the better. You’ll feel much better without big projects hanging over your head.
  2. Make time for yourself at least once or twice a week. Go get your nails done, read a book, go for a run…whatever you need. Just give yourself some “me” time.
  3. Big one – DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Obviously doing school work isn’t always going to make you happy, but make sure your major is one that you enjoy and make sure you want to go to your club or sports practice every day.
  4. Eat healthy, but have a cheat day every now and then. Eating healthy will make you feel so much better but ice cream (in moderation) is good, too!
  5. Make time to work out every day. Even if it’s just a little bit of time, doing something small everyday will raise your endorphins and you will be more productive when you do your work!
  6. Make a to-do list. This will ensure you don’t forget what you have to do and crossing items off the to-do list is one of the best feelings – you’ll feel much more accomplished!
  7. Get the sleep you need. For me, this is seven hours of sleep but it varies for every person. Getting enough sleep will help you be more productive during the day and studies also show that people who don’t get enough sleep gain weight.
  8. Keep your room clean. Cluttered room, cluttered mind. You will feel better looking at an organized desk versus a messy one.
  9. Take pride in your appearance. Make sure your uniform looks good and go out in clothes that you love. If you look good, you’ll feel good!
  10. Get away from school when you can! If you have homework, consider doing it at a coffee shop. Go grab dinner with friends at your favorite restaurant. Go on nature walks. A change of scenery will be good for you, especially when you go to the Academy and see the same colors every day.


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A Look Back at September: The School Year is Ramping Up

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Williamson Photo The first round of tests starts this week and that’s always interesting. I should be fine if I just plan out my time and actually study. It is easy to get sidetracked with other important things while at the Academy. As an MES major in my 3/c year, I have a lot of classes and labs, but staying organized makes all the work doable. It also helps that the material is interesting and fun (for example, our last marine biology lab was a trip to a salt marsh to study the ecosystem).


I am continuing on in my corrosion research. It is a bit slow moving right now because we are trying to simultaneously do tests and set up corrosion cells, while still waiting on supplies. Although it is fairly difficult to get everything ready to run the tests, when I go to work on the project it is relaxing because there are no requirements. With the freedom to do as much or little as possible, the lab is one of the few places that I can actually be in control and do things the way I want. It is refreshing to have that break during the week.


Rugby has also started up! The first game was last Sunday and the A side played really well and beat the University of Vermont, who were ranked 7th in the nation last year. I am on B side but I still got to play. The game went really well and I had a lot of fun. I am looking forward to more games and optimistic that the team will make it all the way to nationals.


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Here’s What I Can Remember

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Chang Photo (10/25) My plan to write a small section for each week of the month totally flew out the window and now I’m trying to make sense of the month of October…


The weekend that stands out the most is definitely Homecoming. Admiral Zukunft came for the game and had a personal meeting with the Class of 2018 to hear our sea stories. It was pretty cool, exchanging sea stories with the Commandant on a Saturday morning. And while it was a bit nerve-racking to speak in front of the Commandant, it was even cooler to hear what my shipmates had done over the summer. As a whole, we’ve done everything from migrant interdiction in the Atlantic to translating in the Pacific.


The next day, the Bears boxing team entered the realm of the West Point Black Knights for their home show. It was my first fight, and while it was unnerving to box in unknown territory we all did great. As a team we had three wins; two ending in TKOs and one by unanimous decision. It was a good way to see where we stood and, with a little more practice, we’ll be at Nationals in no time.


(10/29) Halloween can be pretty scary, but what’s even more terrifying is my midterm grade. I’ve always been about average in academics, able to maintain a steady grade with moderate studying. Third-class year is when you get a taste of major-specific classes. I’d thought, “Well, I’m a decent writer. This oughta be a breeze! I’m gonna get so much sleep!” Man, I was wrong. Now, I find myself going to teachers for one-on-one time even more often than I did last year. I’ve re-written one of my papers at least four times this past week. I fell asleep at breakfast. But don’t let this horror story faze you. Just because you’re an upper-class doesn’t mean you stop needing help and it’s perfectly fine to ask for it. On the bright side, I’ve gotten to know my teachers and can see my writing style changing for the better. As for that breakfast, well, at least I was able to get some coffee later.


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