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Militarily, Academically, Athletically

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Ellis Photo Hi everyone!

I’m so sorry that it has been so long since I have written last; my semester has been one of the busiest I have had so far! I’ll give you a little look at what I’ve been up to last semester militarily, academically and athletically.


Militarily – Last semester I was the Support MAA for Foxtrot Company. This position helps the Guidon train the 4/c as well as helps the 1/c Support Department Head with their duties. With this responsibility I worked with the 4/c and I answered questions and supported the Guidon with their roles. This was a great experience for me because I got to learn about my own leadership style and figure out ways to improve it.


Academically – This was my best semester yet academically. I took very interesting major-specific classes. I took Fisheries Biology, where I learned everything I could ever want to know about fish and took an awesome field trip to Mystic Aquarium! I took Ocean Dynamics where I learned about how water travels in the ocean and the physics behind it. The last MES class that I took was GIS or Geographic Information Systems. This is a class where you create a map using computer software that you can then use to spatially analyze data. It was one of my favorite classes that I have taken and at the end of the course we got to work in groups and solve a marine problem from beginning to end. I really enjoyed all my classes and can’t wait to take more major-specific courses.


Athletically – Once again, I sailed last semester. The team had one of its best seasons in a long time. The women’s team was ranked 1st in the entire nation for a month! So that being said, we really did have a great season. We worked hard on and off the water to do that well and we are going to continue working hard to get ready for the spring season and hopefully qualify for Nationals again this year!


Now that I let you know a little of what I have been doing, I’ll give you a heads up on the things I have coming up in the future! I have so much to be excited for – Ring Dance, school, sailing, and 1/c summer! I’ll make sure I write more often this semester! As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at


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Part of a Team

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Coburn Photo As I have mentioned before, I plan on playing lacrosse here at the Academy. There are a lot of changes to the lacrosse team this year; the team is moving from a club sport to a varsity Division III team, there is a new coach, and there is also a different dynamic to the players, considering I am one of eight or more 4/c that are on the team this year. Since it is a varsity sport now we were able to play some lacrosse as a team during the fall, we had practice three days a week and yesterday we had a tournament at Springfield College where we competed against a wide variety of Division III teams as well as one Division II team. Not only was this a great way to put what we had learned during fall ball into action, but it also was an opportunity for us to all play together as a real team for the first time.


Now that fall ball is over we will have winter strength and conditioning training until the regular season practices start in January. Although the practices are going to be a little chilly, we can look forward to going to North Carolina with the team during Spring Break!


Being a part of the team here at the Academy is really a good way to meet new people, including upperclassman. Although you can’t be “friends” just being able to talk to an upperclassman you trust about anything will really make your time here smoother and easier in a way. I have three 1/c on my team who are actually in my company as well and they are always willing to help me whenever I need it. Being on the team also helps you create friendships with girls that may not be in your company and therefore you don’t focus too much on just your company.


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Things Learned and Observed in Just 10 Weeks

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Burchill Photo Mid-term grades are out and cross country season is winding down but it feels like I just got my shoulder boards yesterday. The days are long by the weeks sure fly by! Parents’ Weekend was last weekend and it was so incredibly awesome to see my parents whom I haven’t seen since Reporting-In Day (Wow! that seems like a lifetime ago). The leaves are changing and this beautiful campus is turning picture perfect. The New England weather and seasons are a big change from land-locked Oklahoma.


Nature isn’t the only thing changing around here. I’ve found myself changing in such a positive way; better study habits, improvement in stress management, and even getting faster in cross country. I’m finally getting the hang of tasks that seemed ever so overwhelming to me at the start. It didn’t take me too long to find all the helpful resources provided here at the Academy. One of the great things they offer here are peer tutors. These tutors are there to assist with academics in all subjects and if one takes advantage of these tutors, success is sure to blossom. That is what I find so great about the Academy, everyone there to help you, not out to get you.


There are days that are tough but with the help and support of my shipmates, I plow through those difficult days and leave it all in the past. In less than a month, I will be going home for the first time in a few months for Thanksgiving leave then finals will creep up around the corner. The more I live here, the more I love it. Of course there are tedious fourth class jobs that we must do but at the end of the day looking back on it, they’re not too bad.


Feel free to contact me at


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Time Moves Faster Now

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Williamson Photo Hi everybody! I’ll start off by saying that my email is, and anyone can contact me if you have questions.


So the month of September as has come and gone and I’ve been in school for the same amount of time as Swab Summer. Comparing the two, time moves much faster now. The days themselves feel long, but all of a sudden it’s Friday and you ask yourself were the week went. My classes are going well; I have pretty much found my groove. Homework is the biggest issue when it comes to time and stress. The classes themselves are not bad, but at the end of the day when all I want to do is sleep is when this place feels harder than your average college. Having all my classmates around and seeing them going through the same struggles helps me stay motivated. An old retired Coast Guard veteran once said something that stuck with me through the admission process, Swab Summer, and now: If the guy next to your is doing it, and thousands of guys before you did it, then you sure can do it; you are strong enough to finish, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Right now I am in the middle of the sailing season. I have never sailed before, and the first time I set foot on a sail boat was Swab Summer. However, in a few short months I have pretty much learned all the basics to sailing a boat. My position in the past few races has been skipper, which means I steer and make a lot of the tactical decisions. It is pretty cool to think that am now able take out a sail boat and feel comfortable sailing when I didn’t even know one thing about sailing three months ago; its things like that that make the Academy such an amazing place. Here, you are open to so many new things, and so many talented people. This combination gives you to opportunity to learn a whole array of new skills, as long as you are willing to put in the work.


Currently, as the winter sports season approaches, I am still unsure if I should do winter track or just take the winter off and do Ski Club and try out some other clubs. I want to do well in track in the outdoor season, but doing three seasons of sports on top of all the military and academic obligations might get hard to manage. I still have to figure that one out…oh well. That’s all for now, stay happy and motivated!


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It’s All About the Morale

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Kimura Photo The year has finally gotten underway. School has been in session for about a month but through the new hectic daily routine, the weeks are flying by. Thankfully, our upperclassmen and clubs have helped make the transition from the physical strain of Swab Summer to the fast-paced academic rigor of the school year easier. Although academic and military life can be stressful at times, there are so many outlets available for me. I really appreciate groups like Asian Pacific Awareness Council (APAC), Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Society of Women Engineers, Morale Division and the Judo Club because they give me an escape from daily life.


Activities like these highlight my week or day; from the lunch excusals, to division dinners or practices, it’s time away from the chaotic life in Chase Hall. I especially enjoy my judo practices because I forget everything academic and military when I step onto the mat, and I interact with my upperclassmen as teammates. Besides judo practices, my favorite group here that directly helps fourth class is Morale Division, which is the “pick-me-up” of Chase Hall. Since school started, Morale Division has gotten Golf Company doughnuts every Monday to motivate the company through the week. In addition to Mondays, every Wednesday, hump day, Morale Division plans something special for us. In the past weeks, they have treated us to cotton candy, chicken wings, snow cones, smoothies, pie contests, and carry-on. I am always looking forward to what they have planned next. In order to enjoy the school year, instead of surviving through it, it’s essential to appreciate the little things and be proactive in the clubs and activities offered here.


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