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Time Has Gotten Away

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Daniels Photo Hello All,

I find myself with only four weeks left in my first year here at the Academy, and even though I am happy to be moving on, it seems a little strange that the time has passed so quickly. It seems like yesterday that I was experiencing Swab Summer, running around and yelling answers at my cadre’s questions. For me, the past few months have been very busy – between the multitude of band events and concerts combined with classes and military obligations – and time seems to have gotten away from me.


Last weekend, the cadet jazz group, made up of me and six other cadets and Bandmaster Ian Frenkel, travelled to the Marriott in Mystic to perform for a Coast Guard Auxiliary function. This was an awesome opportunity to meet some of the Auxiliary, and talk to them about what they do. We played for about 40 minutes preceding their awards ceremony, and they were extremely appreciative of our time, and it was a great experience for me. If you come to the academy, and find yourself wanting to get involved more, I highly suggest the music programs. They get you involved in both Academy and non-Academy functions, and you will make a great group of friends.


With so little time left until the end of classes, the workload is growing, but I am able to manage my time better and get everything out of the way so I can enjoy my free time. That’s what I’ve found the Academy to be more about than anything else, learning to manage your time so you have opportunity to do everything with time left to relax and unwind at the end of the day.


My summer assignment this year is to an 87-foot patrol boat, the Coast Guard Cutter Seahawk out of Panama City, Florida! I couldn’t be more excited to be going there, and I expect to get a lot of work toward my qualifications done this summer. These summers spent out in the fleet really help give a better perspective on the “real” Coast Guard, and I can’t wait for this chance to get out there.


Until next time.


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From Lazy to Productive in 2.3 Seconds

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Doctolero Photo Coming back wasn’t as dreadful as I expected. Do not get me wrong, I love going on break. I went to Charleston, Jacksonville and Miami. I did a little of everything. And I LOVE Christmas. This year I must have been a good girl this year because Santa brought me everything I wanted, including an iPad. As the school year started I was excited to hit the books again. I can only take so much laziness; it was time for me to start being productive again. This semester I have more classes that pertain to my major, which means math all day. I can’t wait.


I’m also in a new division. I’m in the PFE retake division. That means that we take care of all the people that fail or can’t take the PFE. They basically just keep testing until they do pass. Hopefully there aren’t too many people. Taking the PFE once a semester sucks, I can only imagine taking it 3 or 4 times.


I’m hoping that this semester is better than the last. Not because my grades where bad or anything, they were actually really good, but there’s always room for improvement. I’m staying motivated this semester and I’m going to make improvements.


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April and the Living’s…Relatively Hard

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Krakower Photo I feel terrible that I haven’t been able to post in so long, but to put it lightly, my workload has been absolutely insane as of late. Papers are flying in everywhere, nautical charts need to be prepped, tests and quizzes are being taken, and presentations are being given. On top of that, so much more has been added to the ever-increasing workload that a cadet will entertain here.


On an extremely happy note, I am pleased to say that I got accepted to the Jewish Institute for National Student Affairs (JINSA) Military Program over my firstie (!!!!!!!!) summer, meaning that I get to go to Israel for three weeks and work with the Israeli Defense Forces as well as learn of the history and culture of Israel and its relationship with Palestine. I’ve always wanted to go to Israel due to my deep interest in the subject matter and its potential for leadership and military knowledge. That’s going to be an incredible three weeks.


For the other 8/9 weeks of my summer, I will be aboard the USCGC Seahawk out of Panama City, Florida. It is an 87-foot patrol boat, with an entirely enlisted crew. To say I’m not nervous would be a lie, as this will be the first time I’m onboard a REAL coast guard cutter (Sorry Eagle, but you’re not!) and I plan on getting some serious knowledge and leadership experience in. On a fun note, one of my swabs and now-4/c in my company will be coming with me, so that will be quite a good time switching from the role of a 2/c to 4/c relationship into the role of a 1/c to 3/c one. Nevertheless, it should be a great time.


Lacrosse has struggled a bit as of late. We’re 1-3 on the season, and after starting out ranked 6th in the nation, we moved down to 21st. Such is life. We have a game on Wednesday against Southern Connecticut State, so hopefully all will go according to plan and we can continue our winning ways.


Well, that’s about all I have time for, as a presentation on the Myth of Sisyphus is calling my name. Not really, but I have to do it anyway.


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The Meaning of Fourth Class Life

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Glick Photo Right now I’m on a train heading from the Academy back home to Cape May, New Jersey. I am excited to begin spring break after an arduous first half of the semester. Classes are going well, I’ve started a new fitness plan and my shipmates and I have been having more and more fun as it (slowly) gets warmer.


The past two weeks have been non-stop, with late nights, which usually is not the case for me. The last few weeks have been jam packed with a Model UN conference at USMA West Point, a band concert at Connecticut College across the street, International Ballroom Dance (who would have guessed that?!?), Cadets Against Sexual Assault trainings and meetings, recruiting leave, and a community service trip to Key West Florida. Of course, I need to keep up on my school work to participate in all of these events, as well as ensuring that I continue to adhere to military obligations such as trainings, my midterm Cadet Evaluation Report, community service requirements, and division work. Somehow, it all gets itself all done by 11:30 p.m.! Sometimes I groan, but I wouldn’t have it any other way—I am never bored in New London.


The beginning of March marks the beginning of regaining privileges as a 4/c. For making both the Dean’s List for academics and the Commandant of Cadets’ List for good military performance last semester, I am able to take recruiting leave for spring break, meaning I get to leave a few days early to visit high schools near my home. I look forward to wearing the uniform in my old stomping ground representing America’s finest seagoing service. Ok, I’m proud...! After passing the Coast Guard Indoctrination board, commonly known as “boards” we gained individual privileges such as not having to write notecards when leaving the barracks and playing music out loud. As soon as everyone in our respective companies passed, we were allowed to reactivate our Facebook accounts. Hopefully, we will be awarded wardroom carry-on the week we return from spring break, given everyone else in our class passes that same week.


Hearing about 2018 already is getting us all very excited. I am excited to soon no longer be the lowest on the totem pole, and finally put on that one diagonal 3/c stripe. It is almost scary how already my old 2016 shipmates will be cadre! It feels like just yesterday we were getting yelled at: time flies at the Academy when you don’t look around. However, I will miss the funny parts of 4/c culture, like the “spirit missions”.


Captain Gaines, my chemistry lab instructor, gave me some pretty inspiring advice the other day. He reminded me that I need to make sure I always hold myself accountable automatically, ensuring that self-responsibility is second nature. Soon enough, he said, there will be a 4/c I will have to help, and I will have to worry about both of us. After that, one day I could very well have many people I am responsible for, and potentially assets of the government as well. I realized then why I have to, and want to, do all of the many things I do, stretching myself in so many ways as a 4/c. Someday I will have to look after myself while ensuring other people around me are succeeding. It was a quick wake-up call—soon I won’t be a 4/c, and soon I will have to take responsibility for more than myself. 4/c year is about learning how to function as an individual while balancing functioning as a member of a team. These missions are, whether we realize it or not, preparing us to be role models for the incoming class, guiding them through the same thing we are going through right now.


The Key West community service trip was awesome! We painted, primed, and shined the floating museum ship, USCGC Ingham. There was so much history aboard the ship, and we experienced it firsthand living on the cutter for a week. The skipper who runs the museum operation told me the first night I was staying in some Admiral’s old rack when the admiral was a cadet—that’s how old the cutter was! We met with the Commanding Officer of Sector Key West, Captain Young and his wardroom; went underway on a 110 foot patrol boat; visited a small boat station; and interacted with junior enlisted, senior enlisted, junior officers, warrant officers, and senior officers. So many different perspectives, and it was all jammed into one week! Liberty at night was awesome: experiencing sunsets on the island, the many amazing restaurants, street performers, and all of the neat shops in town. I visited the Harry Truman Little White House, saw the Ernest Hemingway house, and climbed to the top of the Key West lighthouse. The experience really motivated me to come back to the Academy next week and push through the last seven weeks of school before summer training. Seven more weeks until we put on that coveted 3/c stripe. Can’t wait until 2018 arrives!


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Winter Update

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Belanger Photo Hello everyone! It has been a little while since my last blog, so here has been what has going on for me at the Academy. If you read back to my last winter experience, it was not too enjoyable. This year however, is a different story. Skiing has surprisingly become a pretty big hobby for me. Since arriving back from winter leave I have been 3 times with plans to go this next weekend. I can safely say that if a boy from Florida can learn to ski, anyone can. So far we have had 2 days off from school to enjoy snow days! It is a great day to wake up and get ahead in school, or have the day off to do whatever you want. (I will leave you to imagine what cadets rather choose.) School has been a little rough, mainly with trying to play catch up after missing classes, but just the work load. I, along with everyone else here, try to stay on top of it. I am just being patient and just waiting for spring break to get here so I can go and enjoy the beaches in Jacksonville!


If you have any questions or ideas for blogs please do not hesitate! 



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