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cadet blogs

September Slipping Away

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Driscoll Photo A brief note for everyone before I dive into all my homework:


School is quickly ramping up. I really enjoy most of my classes this semester. Sometimes, I get lost in Principles of Electronic Communications Systems—after all, when I graduate, I will only need to know how to change channels and encrypt data, right? The joking notwithstanding, it is an important class, but I get lost easily in all the calculations of bandwidth and frequency. My favorite class this semester has to be my most challenging (naturally!). I take the National Security Law seminar each week with Captain Sulmasy, a nationally recognized expert in this field of law. It’s an interesting blend of international and constitutional law. Each week, I am astounded by the complexities of the laws governing conflict, humanitarian intervention, and the treatment of terrorists. I’m not sure what my term paper will discuss yet, but I have to figure it out by next Monday! The papers, exams, and presentations just seem to be rolling in this week. On the other end of the spectrum, I look forward each week to my Nautical Science lab. We are FINALLY starting to apply the basics of charting, relative motion, and communication to scenarios we role-play in communications drills and simulations. That’s about as hands-on as it can get…


On the military side of the house, Chase Hall is busier than ever. Or maybe I’m just swamped? I’m in Echo Company’s Morale Division this year, and we’ve been busy getting adjusted to the beginning of the school year. We go to Dunkin Donuts for the company each Wednesday and Friday, on top of everything else we do. Sometimes, it feels like anything that is REMOTELY related to morale is given to us for action. At least my 3/c and 4/c are picking up a lot of the slack. Shout out to them: 3/c Jaime Davis and 4/c Elliot VanDeren! Speaking of them, they are organizing yet another Dunkin run for tomorrow morning—and I’d better get some sleep!


As always, if you ever have questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at Go Bears, Beat Books!



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Accomplishing Goals

(Just for Fun, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Meyers Photo So far this semester has been going great. I look back at a lot of the goals I set for myself 4/c and 3/c year and I’ve accomplished or am in the process of accomplishing almost all of them. I’m more organized when it comes to school work; I make time for myself to workout, relax, and do all my homework every day; I get work done ahead of time; and I eat healthy and work out practically every day. Starting 4/c year pretty much none of those were true.


The biggest thing I think I’ve accomplished is getting more involved in video making. Right before I came to the Academy, I blew some money on a nice video camera because it was something I had always wanted. I gave up my dream to become a movie director by coming to the Academy, but I still wanted to be involved in video-making as much as possible. 4/c and 3/c year, I rarely had the opportunity and when I did, my products were only just ok or weren’t something I was really interested in. This year, as word has spread about my video editing abilities, I was approached by people asking me to help them with projects or funny video ideas. I’ll jump at any opportunity I get to make movies so I made two spirit videos for the MMA football game. For those interested, they’re the P90 Swab and Regimental Linebacker videos on my YouTube page, I think the biggest thing to take away is that if you’re good at something you love, there is always a way to do it here.


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