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cadet blogs

First Semester 2/c Year

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Meyers Photo Summer is over now and the school year has begun. While my experiences over the summer were absolutely amazing and unforgettable, I feel ready to start work again for Electrical Engineering. I can already feel how the strenuous semester I had last spring has prepared me for this year. What I mean by that is that while I’ve been conditioned to do so much work, now it doesn’t even seem like a lot of work, I’m just used to it. I have what I would have considered a heavy homework load last year and still have plenty of free time for myself. Between the summer programs like Coastal Sail Training Program (CSTP), a tough semester last year, and being a Swab Summer cadre, I’ve learned a lot of time management skills that have shown in how I do my work during the school year.


Another huge thing to note is that the longer I am here, the less I want to leave this place. 4/c year was pretty rough, there’s no way around it, but I stuck through and made it to 3/c year. Being a 3/c presented its own challenges, but was clearly better than being a 4/c. Now that I have some responsibility in the corps, I feel much more at home. Being a 2/c means that you’ve stepped up from just doing your job, to making sure that others are doing theirs as well. From follower, to role model, to mentor and eventually to leader, the Academy gets better year by year and I’m sure the fleet will be even better!


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A Great Start

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Cantrell Photo It has been a great start to the school year! We are in the second week of classes and everything so far has been great. I absolutely love my major and my professors (civilian and military). After cadre summer ended we had CAP week, which is a week full of meetings, the PFE, and getting class schedules. Some people dread CAP week, but I don’t think it is bad because you are finished at 1600 with no homework. The weekend after CAP week, I went to the Kenny Chesney No Shoes Nation concert in Massachusetts with a bunch of friends. He played some really great songs and I had a blast with my friends. With the weekend coming to an end it was time to start classes. The first week of classes was hectic, but not too bad. The first day was introductions and then we got right into work. I wasn’t overwhelmed because I know how everything works now. These past two years have taught me time management. My schedule is set up nicely so I have free periods during the day to do some homework or workout. I am taking all major-specific classes, which will help my grades and interest a lot. I like all of my classes and find them interesting. After the first week of classes I went to my friend’s lake house on Lake Ontario for a fun filled Labor Day weekend. The corps got Monday off and had a long, so we left Friday afternoon and started the six-hour drive to the lake. The long weekend was really fun and relaxing. I loved hanging out on the beach and swimming.


September is jammed pack with activities every weekend so it should fly by and be fun! The Secretaries Cup is away next weekend so the corps will get on buses and drive down to New York for the day. I love the MMA game because we see so much spirit and morale around school. I am participating in the Warrior Dash this month, which will be a new experience, but I am excited for it. I have never done something like this so I don’t really know what to expect, but I’m going with the swimming and diving team so it will be a blast! The last weekend of the month is Parents’ Weekend and even though my parents aren’t coming up I am still really excited for it. A bunch of my friends parents will be up here so I will be able to hang out with them. If you are starting the application process, good luck! As always you can email me with questions:


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