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cadet blogs

Our Eagle Journey

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Bilodeau Photo Our first Eagle port call was in Boston, Massachusetts where we spent the 4th of July. That day was incredible and will always stay in my mind. We cruised Boston Harbor with the USS Constitution with the Blue Angels flying overhead, and cadets standing on the yards of the sails. It was amazing to see so many boats, people, and aircraft come together to celebrate Independence Day. After July 4th, we headed to New London and had Change of Command where the new Eagle Commanding Officer took over and started our journey to Halifax. Throughout our Eagle journey, here were so many dolphins, whales, and sharks that we identified in the water. A few times when we had watch in the middle of the night we came across patches of bioluminescent algae in the water, which made the ocean glow as if you were dropped into the movie Avatar.


Although there were definitely hard times on Eagle and times when you did not want to climb the rigging or haul on lines, it is easy to remember the positive aspects and remind yourself that everyone has to go through the tedious or annoying negative aspects as well. Eagle was also a great place to meet a lot more classmates and bond with the girls in my berthing area. We had a day of liberty in Halifax, Nova Scotia, then it was time to go on leave!


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