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cadet blogs

You’re a Swab Until You See a Swab

(Academics, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Wright Photo Sorry for no blog entries lately, this summer hasn’t been too conducive for writing blogs. The first five weeks of my summer I spent on the USCGC Eagle, the Coast Guard’s training ship and that was quite the adventure. It was definitely a lot of hard work but I learned more than I ever thought I would. We stood watches with the crew, had damage control trainings, participated in sail stations, among whatever else needed tending to on the boat. On my phase we went to Saint Martin, Aruba and Guantanamo Bay. I was fortunate to be given the experience to expand my knowledge so much over those five weeks but I do have to say I was happy to leave when it was time to go.


From Eagle I headed back to the Academy for some summer courses. I’m taking Organizational Behavior and Leadership as well as Calculus II. So as you can tell, it’s a summer packed full of fun. But it really is great to get these courses over with this summer and with only three hours of class a day, I get to experience what it’s like to be a “normal college kid” :P. We have more free time on our hands than we are used to so me and my classmates at summer school try and stay as productive as possible with studying and working out. I would be lying if I said a few TV shows didn’t slip their way in there. Coming back to the Academy as a 3/c was definitely a different feeling; especially with seeing 2017 report in. I saw a swab! It’s interesting to view swab summer from a third person point of view; there is a lot going on that I had no clue took place behind the scenes last year. And don’t worry 2017 parents, your swabs are being taken care of, they are working hard.


So I am here until July 26th and then head off for some much needed leave. I can’t go without mentioning that I’ll be attending the Oshkosh Air show in Wisconsin during my first week of leave! I missed last year because of swab summer and am just itching for some aviation excitement! I hope everyone is having a great summer!


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An Amazing Summer

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Hirst Photo So far this has been an amazing summer! I spent the first five weeks on Eagle, which was such a cool experience. It was really neat to look out at the horizon and realize that we were the only ship within miles. Besides the sailing experience, the port calls were unbelievable. We went to St. Martin, Aruba, Guantanamo Bay, and St. Pete. At times it seemed like it was a paid vacation. Eagle also really connected me with my classmates. I was sad to leave everyone after the five weeks as we all split off to go to our new units.


Now, I’m at station Humboldt Bay, California. The station life is one we’ll never get again, but so far it’s been great. The crew here is awesome and is very supportive. I’m excited to see what the next five weeks here hold! The Coast Guard Academy summers are so much better than anything a summer back home could offer.


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