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3c Year: Sparknotes Edition

(Overcoming Challenges, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2014) Permanent link
Yin PhotoCharacter List
My family and friends
LCDR Andrea Parker: Dept. of Management, Asst. Professor


Analysis of Major Characters
Without the help from my family, friends, and mentors I would not have been able to get through 3/c year successfully. I want to thank them for supporting me through my journey here and encouraging me to keep chugging along. Without my friends at the Academy, I would probably go crazy! They are the ones I laugh with, struggle with, and vent with when I am having a bad day. One individual who has helped me immensely this year is LCDR Andrea Parker, my former Leadership and Organizational Behavior instructor. I initially sought her out for help academically and personally because of her outgoing personality and humbleness but now she is a mentor and like a second mom to me. I can go to her for anything and know that she will listen and follow up with me the next week to see if things are going better. She is a great officer who cares for cadets’ well being and learning.


Important Quotations Explained
“Be yourself
Be humble
Be accountable
Be courageous
Be the change you want to see in the world”
                                     - Chris Howard, President, Hampden-Sydney College

During Eclipse Week, a weeklong event that brings officers and community members to the Academy to discuss cultural diversity at the Academy and in the fleet, Mr. Howard spoke about “Leadership and Character”. His speech topic is not uncommon to the Academy family considering that the Academy’s mission centers on the core of “building leaders of character”, but his words have been engrained into my day-to-day life. The 5 “be’s” to being a good leader starts from within. One must know who they are and what they believe in before they try to influence someone else.


Summary and Analysis
Nine months ago I was comparing my schedule with my roommate to see if we had any of the same classes (unfortunately we did not), and now I’m studying for my last 3 finals of 3/c year! It’s funny how the days are slow but the weeks are fast. Looking back at how much I have grown this past year is incredible. I have not only conquered difficult engineering classes I thought I was going to fail in the beginning of the semester, but I have also nurtured growing friendships with my classmates. I have gotten closer with my friends by going on long weekends with them and even painting pride rock. 3/c year is especially difficult because it is a year of transition. Often we feel like the “forgotten” class because the 3/c role is not as defined as the other class’s roles. The spotlight is no longer on you as it was 4/c year and we’re not the leaders of the Corps like the firsties. However, 3/c year is the beginning of the leadership journey, as you are no longer defined as a “follower” but as a “role model”.

Looking forward to 2/c summer I am excited to put on white shields, but with “great power comes great responsibility” (Spiderman says it best). As cadre, I will have the opportunity to develop and teach the next generation who has the potential of culturally changing the Academy. Come to think of it, this is a daunting feat but with the help of the firsties in charge and my fellow classmates, we will be able to conquer 2/c summer together!


Just kidding! :)


Suggestions for Further Reading
Stay tuned for another blog entry this summer! Thanks for reading and to those who have accepted their appointments to the Class of 2016, best of luck!


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