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Sponsor Family Living

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Belanger Photo A lot of people have been emailing me asking what cadets do on the weekends. Besides catching up on homework, sleeping, movies at the Waterford 9, and Walmart, most of the cadets are involved with the sponsor family program. For those who have never heard of the program, families in the surrounding New London area, including active duty officers and civilians, “adopt” cadets and become our home away from home. I know I speak for the majority of the corps when I say that for us cadets that now live far away from home, we more than appreciate these families for taking us in. My current sponsor family happens to be two instructors here at the Academy. They try to help out as much as possible. Whether it be a ride to the airport for leave, spending the night to escape the walls of the Academy, or even a simple breakfast after church on Sunday they are more than happy to accommodate my needs. Currently, I am the only cadet that is assigned to the “family.” Normally, families can consist of 4 to 5 cadets providing relationships out of Chase Hall, which fourth class are more than happy to have with some of the upperclassman. With finals quickly approaching, I cannot wait to go over to their house, change into civilian clothes and try to study for the exams.


And for my summer I will be on Eagle going to the Caribbean and then sailing the Coast Guard Cutter Chase Hall for summer school. ¼ of the way done…..1,118 days…


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3/c Summer!

(Academics, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Wright Photo It’s crazy to think that freshman year is almost over. It seems like just yesterday that I drove in the front gate with my parents and began this journey. I’m glad freshman year is over, though, it was definitely tough but I know this place well enough to know that it’s not going to get any easier.


There are a lot of exciting things coming my way in these next few months starting with tomorrow when we find out our new companies. Since Reporting-In day I have been with the same group of 28 freshmen and they have become some of my best friends, but I don’t know my other classmates too well. When we switch companies we will remain in those companies until we graduate the Academy. I’m pretty nervous to see where I end up but it’s also pretty exciting. Then, next week is finals week and within no time I’ll be on Eagle for five weeks with my 121 classmates, sailing the Caribbean. I can’t wait! The first two weeks we will be underway with no stops! I m hoping that I don’t get too seasick; when we get to our first port call in Aruba I’m pretty sure we will all be more than excited to see land again. Then we sail to Guantanamo Bay and finally St. Petersburg, Florida where the rest of my classmates will get on Eagle and I will head to the Academy for summer school. Since I am majoring in engineering and started in Introduction to Calculus I’ll be taking Calc II in summer school. I’ll be back at the Academy for six weeks with about 40 of my classmates and from what I have heard, we have a pretty good time. We are here when the class of 2017 reports in so we will be sure to get some good video footage of that. Finally to wrap up my summer I have three weeks of leave and during that time I’ll be attending the Oshkosh Air show in Wisconsin! Before coming to the Academy I attended the air show every summer, and with missing last year due to Swab Summer I’m ecstatic to join my family there this year. Then, back home to Texas for some good ol’ Texas heat before starting my second year back at the Academy.


I’m ready for a change of pace after my first year and there is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. I have learned a lot this year and if there was any advice I could give to incoming freshman, as cliché as it sounds, I would say rely on your friends to get through it. There are a lot of overwhelming times here, especially during 4/c year, and it’s impossible to get through on your own. I know that the people I have gone through this year with are the ones that are going to be in my life for years to come, well beyond our Academy years.


So have a great summer! And good luck class of 2017!


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