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When Everything Does Not Go Well

(Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Driscoll Photo I know that I’ve written a lot of positive blogs about how great life here is at the Academy, but sometimes life has downsides. One of the downsides is that when things hit the fan, they hit the fan in spectacular fashion… The past few weeks have been rough for the fourth-class as we settle into the final push to the end of the semester.


Boards has been a rough process. We had several indoctrination exams leading to Boards on the weekend of 14APR2012. Some we did well on, and others not. What we learned as a class from these exams is the need to stick together…and we have. Boards itself was a fiasco. Right now, they are conducting investigations into what exactly went wrong, and how bad the damage is, but rest assured that it is bad. Our class’ reputation has been forever tarnished by all the cheating. But we are coming together as a class in this time of trial and tribulation, which is the silver lining in the whole mess. Furthermore, the Classes of 2016, 2017, and 2018 won’t have the opportunity to mess up the way 2014 and we did, because we will work to make sure this never happens again. Right now, we are being punished harshly, but sooner we will make leaps forward.


Speaking of leaps forward, we received our summer assignments the other day! I am going to Texas for six weeks, followed by Eagle for five weeks. I’m really excited, even with all the confusion about summer assignments. It’ll be a fun summer—hopefully I will get a lot of quals. I know this sounds crazy, but my goal is to get pepper-sprayed and qualify on pistol and rifle while in Texas. I’ll let you know how it goes.


2016, sit ready. You are going to have a great summer and a good school year! Good luck! As always, email me at with any questions.


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The Reality of 3c Summer

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Martin Photo Two weeks left of school doesn’t sound real, and neither does wearing red shields. It may not sound real, but there isn’t a cadet around who isn’t ready to get out of here and go on their summer assignments. I got my assignment last week and I originally put in for a buoy tender on the West Coast and I got a 270’ out of Boston, Massachusetts. I got the exact opposite of what I wanted, but I am actually happier with what I got that if I got what I asked for. I will be living in a real East Coast city and will get to see the law enforcement side of the Coast Guard. I will determine if either it is a good fit for me or decide if I should eliminate it from my options in the future. I have high hopes for Boston, but also for Eagle. I am on Eagle for six weeks before I head to Boston, and we will start in Savannah, Georgia, then go to New York City, Norfolk, and Baltimore, so I will get a really cool East Coast tour that I have never seen being from the West Coast. Eagle is going on a War of 1812 tour this summer to hit the major ports and battle sites of the war and joining the Eagle will be almost 20 tall ships in Operation Sail, which happens every couple of years bringing some of the coolest tall ships around the world together for one big sailing event. Not only are the ports cool, but this summer will be the first time we as cadets get to see the operational fleet and what work the Coast Guard really does. So six weeks on Eagle and six weeks on USCGC Spencer out of Boston and then three weeks at home, which I cannot wait for either. We are all ready for a change of pace and this summer will be a great opportunity to get a little experience under our belts too.


It’s hard to stay focused with only two weeks left when you know what is coming, but with our last few tests and projects due along with a week of not so fun finals, these last two weeks are the crunch time so I’m off to study Chemistry II!


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