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cadet blogs


(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Tress Salvatori Photo Hola amigos y amigas. En este bloque quisiera compartir con ustedes mis experiencias en la formación de mi liderazgo como parte de la Academia de Guardacostas de los Estados Unidos. Primero comenzare por describir brevemente la experiencia de haber tenido un alumno de Preparatoria como mi sombra. Este alumno de preparatoria ya ha sido aceptado en la academia de Guarda Costas de los Estados Unidos y es invitado a pasar un día en la academia viviendo la experiencia de ser un cadete por un día.


Mi alumna de preparatoria fue Alysia. Fue una experiencia muy bonita porque tuve la oportunidad de compartir mis experiencias con una futura miembro de mi Academia. A mí me hubiera gustado que alguien me hubiese contado la experiencia en general de como es Swab Summer así como haber recibido algunos consejos que me pudieran haber ayudado en los primeros días. Por eso es que fue muy importante para mí haber compartido este día con ella y espero haber compartido suficientes experiencias con ella así como consejos.


En segundo término este viernes fue un día entero de conferencias referentes a la ética y el liderazgo. Fuimos deleitados por diferentes profesores, militares en el activo y militares retirados expertos en liderazgo. Así mismo fuimos honrados con la presencia de Paul W. Bucha. El señor Bucha recibió la medalla de honor por sus valientes acciones durante la Guerra de Vietnam. Su conferencia dejo impregnado en mi humildad. Que por sobre todas las cosas un buen líder debe de ser humilde y él es un claro ejemplo de ello.


En conclusión esta semana fue dedicada al liderazgo. Ya fuese orientando a Alysia o participando en estas conferencias, poco a poco voy dejando atrás el papel de cadete novel para formar parte del anhelado grupo de cadetes antiguos.



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(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Tress Salvatori Photo Hello friends. In this session I would like to share with you my experiences related to the formation of my leadership being part of the United States Coast Guard Academy. First I will start by briefly describing the experience of having a high school student shadow me. This student, who has already been accepted into the Coast Guard Academy, was invited to the Academy to have the experience of being a cadet for one day.


My student’s name was Alysia. It was a very nice experience because I had the opportunity to share my experiences with a future member of my Academy. I would have liked that someone had shared with me the experience of Swab Summer in general terms as well as received some tips which would had helped me on the first days. That is why it was really important for me have had shared this day with her and I hope I have had shared enough experiences as well as tips with her.


Second, this Friday March 21st it was a day full of conferences related to ethics and leadership. We were delighted by different professors, active duty military personnel and retired military personnel as experts in leadership. Also we were honored by the presence of Mr. Paul W. Bucha. Mr. Bucha received the Medal of Honor because of his valiant actions during Vietnam War. His conference left in me the concept of humility. On top of everything, a great leader should be humble and he is a clear example of that.


In conclusion, this week was successfully dedicated to leadership. Whether it was sharing experiences with Alysia or participating in this conferences, little by little I am leaving behind the role of a fourth class cadet in order to be part of the so desired group of upper class cadets.



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(Just for Fun, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Zwenger Photo Jeez, where did time go?! I have already made it to nearly the end of my second semester second class year, and with about one month to go I have so much to look forward to in the next month and the summer to come. Coming up in the next month we have Ring Dance, finals, summer assignments, and the Derby. I will reflect on some of these things in the months to come but as for now I’ll tell you a little about each. Ring Dance is the second class formal in which the great Class of 2015 finally receives our class rings that we ordered months ago. There are a couple of traditions that go along with it, however, and I am not familiar with them right now, so I’ll have to tell you about them later. Finals are pretty self-explanatory; we take them at the end of every semester and this set is just another step closer to graduating (*knock on wood* - I am fairly superstitious about it). When I say the Derby I am talking about the Kentucky Derby, and for those that don’t know what I am talking about it is proclaimed as “the best two minutes in sports.” Look it up and educate yourself about it. I will be going home to Louisville, Kentucky (the best city in the U.S.) and attending this event!


Now onto the summer! This summer I will be going to two different Coast Guard units to learn and absorb as much information as I can to help prepare myself for my future career in the fleet (*knock on wood* - once again, superstitious). For the first six weeks of my summer, I will be headed to Port Angeles, Washington to be spending my time on CGC Active, a 210-foot cutter. I will be taking a look at the engineering side of the cutter and will hopefully grab some qualifications while I am at it. Although this was not my first choice for the summer, I am getting sent to the west coast, which I am pretty stoked about. I was hoping for more of a 378 or 418-foot cutter, however, I have a few friends going there so I can just get their insight on how it went. For the second half of my summer (the last five weeks, that is) I will be going to KODIAK, ALASKA. YES! I could not be any more excited about this. On top of that, I will be working underneath the facilities engineer to gain some knowledge of how civil engineering is implemented in the Coast Guard. This is a civil engineering internship, which is another reason why I am so stoked to go; civil engineering really has become a passion of mine since I started to get into my core classes last semester and this semester. Additionally, this is why I became the president of civil engineering here at the Academy.


Finally, I will most likely not be going home for summer leave. I plan to spend three weeks backpacking through Europe with a friend. He has not decided if he is going to stay the entire three weeks, so if he leaves early I may come back to spend a little time at home or just continue the adventure by myself. Really that is about all I have planned for the next couple months but I will continue to update you on how things are going.


If you have any questions, like seriously any questions at all, please please please feel free to email me. And if you have any suggestions of what to do in Port Angeles or Kodiak this summer I’d be down to hear those as well. Here’s the email address:



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From a Green Shield to Those Looking to Don One

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Corbett Photo As a 4/c, you don the green shield insignia. As a 3/c, you don the red shield insignia. 4/c year is but four weeks and three finals away from being over, 40 days from today if you count like I do. So here are my reflections and advice for those twenty eighteen-ers who happen to read this.


When I think of the colors green and red first thing that pops in my mind is a stop light. As a 4/c you are constantly moving. Its go go go, be here be there no stopping. You are always being asked to do more and push yourself further. That is just how the system works. I have squared my meals for nine months. Just this week the Class of 2017 was granted carry-on at meals. Life here moves so fast and just keeps going as a 4/c so you never take the time to stop and think about what you have done. It’s been nine months of not looking at my meals; I had not realized that until I stopped. The red shield. As I begin to see the end in sight and that red shield closer to my grasp I stop, as a red light would tell me to. I stop and think of what I have done and where I am going. I reflect and am humbled to know that I did something that I honestly cannot believe that I did… 2018 you will realize that it’s a tough life, but every moment is worth it if you stop and appreciate it. Problem is I am still green and I am moving too fast and only now, in the last few weeks, began to realize that stopping and reflecting is what needs to be done to fully appreciate what goes on here.


To the incoming class of 2018, congrats, you are shoving off into an unknown, new piece of your life that will challenge you beyond your limitations. While you are experiencing the summer, here are some survival tips. First off the summer is a game. The first day you will be given a few rules to start. You will play the game each day and learn new rules each day as you mess up, accidentally, but the cadre won’t see it as an accident. As you learn rules, remember them, the game starts anew at the sound of the bugle in the morning. Each rule and piece learned in the summer becomes crucial as the summer builds and as you approach the academic year. Don’t give up. The moment you give up will only be a moment away from being done. When you are being punished, know that those punishing you went through the same thing; everyone around you is with you and supporting you. No one wants you to fail; the summer is 90% mental and 10% physical. Stay strong and you will overcome anything you get thrown at you.


That is all I have for now, I will do another post before school lets out. Just to touch base with everyone and give a last few remarks to 2018 before you join me and the rest of the corps in the coming fall. Good luck all and stay classy!

~Corb (


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