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cadet blogs


(Just for Fun, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2018) Permanent link
Chang Photo Well, we’re all back from spring break, the dark ages are fading away, and we’re only seven weeks away from the sweet taste of summer freedom. It’s always a bit saddening to come back to New London, especially since I was coming back from a week in the original London. Of course, I saw Big Ben, London Bridge, Camden Town, but my favorite spot was Leigh-On-Sea, a cozy town about an hour east of London. I met a friend there and had an amazing time, chilling in an old English pub and watching the tide come in. By the way, their low tide is so low that their boats rest on the bottom! Google it!


As for the summer, I was fortunate enough to be given an assignment onboard the Japanese Coast Guard Cutter, Kojima. It’s a great opportunity to experience the Japanese culture and get some unique underway experience. Not only that, but I’ll see my friends again! A few of their cadets came onboard the Eagle last summer, so now it’ll be their turn to teach me about their coast guard. A single cadet blog isn’t enough to express how excited I am for this summer, and I will definitely update you on what adventures come out of this opportunity.


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A Lot to be Excited About

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2020) Permanent link
Hill Photo Indoctrination boards was not as bad as I had thought it would be—I passed the written test and oral test the first time around! I am making so many close friends and I just received my summer assignment. This summer I am going to Bermuda on Eagle! And a station for six weeks where I can get qualified in boarding team member operations and firearms training! Yes, I am excited (hence the exclamation points). We, the 4/c, still do not have full carry-on yet so I was a little disappointed about that, but it’s okay because 3/c year is approaching fast!


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Never give up faith and love life,
Kelly Hill


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