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cadet blogs

Helping Out the Community

(Extracurricular Activities and Faith-Based Involvement, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Min Photo On March 24th and 25th the class of 2015 went out into the community and made a difference. Over two days, 120 4/c cadets helped the community to restore the basketball court at the Thames River Federal Housing Complex. When I say restore, I mean made anew. The court could not be seen from the street or even from the complex, which is right next to it. Vines, bushes, and even trees had grown up around the court, through the fence, and there was even a tree that was in the middle of the court. It was no small feat, but we spent two days working side by side with members of the community who really put in the time and cared. In a matter of hours the hidden court was transformed and was no longer a forgotten jungle.


Through the hard work and coordination of our two 4/c, Zackary Wells and Lloyd Diaz, who spearheaded the project and our class advisor, LCDR Ely, the project came together and gave our class the opportunity to be a part of the community. The next step in the process is completely repaving the courts, which once the weather warms up will happen. I believe projects like this make all the difference in people’s lives, especially with all the children who worked with the cadets and knew they were doing something great. It also goes along with the humanitarian mission of our Service and is a good quality of being an ideal member of the community. The project would not have been possible without support from the Academy, Senior Chief Yoder, The Salvation Army, the Kiwanis Club, and every single member of the community who came out to labor for a good cause.


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‘Zat You Santa Claus?

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Gurtler Photo Christmas is fast approaching and so are finals. To say I have put 110% into this past semester would be an understatement. In high school, I earned a 3.89 GPA having taken 5 AP courses. I received my diploma proudly sporting gold chords around my neck. One of the greatest (and hardest) realizations I have had since coming here is that every one of your shipmates was equally as successful in high school as you were. Given my calculations, mind you math is my worst subject, it appears that I will probably finishing this semester with over a full point lower GPA then I had in high school. Like I said in my last blog, this place is tough but well worth the struggles. I feel that the most important lesson I learned thus far is learning how to fail. This is one lesson that I firmly believe will make me a more successful officer someday.


As I said, the holidays are finally upon us, and the entire corps is itching at the opportunity to go home and celebrate with their families. For me, this is the first time home since June 27th. I am really looking forward to snowmobiling with my brother, decorating the tree with my family, and attending Christmas Eve Mass in uniform. I know my father will be beyond proud. My mom and I had a good laugh the other day when she asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I responded with a digital watch, new combat boots, and black socks. This time last year I was asking for a new Dooney & Bourke purse and Lucky jeans. Obviously a lot has changed since then and I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything.


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