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101st Night and 100th Day

(Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Ellis Photo It’s an exciting time for the 4/c cadets here in Chase Hall. We have a lot going on for the next few weeks. First of all, on February 3rd we participated in 101st night. Which, by definition means “a chance for the 4/c to earn carry-on on 100th day.” It was a rough night, but I won’t say anymore on that. However, once we were finished, all the 4/c and 2/c from my company (Alfa), marched back to Chase Hall, singing marching cadences, just like we did all those months ago during Swab Summer. It was nice to reminisce back to Swab Summer and how far the Class of 2016 has come since R-Day. We have gone through all of Swab Summer together as well as our first semester. We have a long road ahead of us, but I’m proud to be a member of the Class of 2016.


Anyway, once we successfully completed 101st night, we switched roles with the 2/c cadets the next morning. On 100th day, we talked in the hallways, did not brace up, did not take the trash out, we played music aloud and the best did not have to square corners or our meals! It was an awesome day. Our second class woke us up by yelling and screaming in the hallways at 0550, telling us that there was 30 minutes to go until formation – and to think I was actually looking forward to actually sleeping in for a few extra minutes. Once I was finally up and wasn’t too frightened to open my door, I saw that there was about 50 cups of water outside my door that I would have to jump over. Luckily I made it! 100th day was a great experience for us, we got to learn more about what the life of a 2/c is like. It was a lot of fun to have carry-on for the day, but on Wednesday we must all begin to brace up, memorize our indoc and square our corners. The next big hurdle will be Boards, which, due to 101st night, I realized I need to do a lot more studying for!


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