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1st Semester Finish Line

(Academics, Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Mills Photo There is only one day until Thanksgiving leave! I am so grateful that I have made it this far. A few landmarks made the month of November especially notable. I had the privilege of marching in the Veterans Day parade in New York with Windjammers. It was so wonderful to see the community getting together to celebrate the men and women who serve our country and I am very proud to be able to join them. When you are at the Academy, it is sometimes hard to see what your commitment means to the rest of the world. By going to the Veterans Day parade, I was able to see how supportive and appreciative everyone was that I took an oath on R-Day to protect and serve the people and the Constitution. There were also hundreds of other people from other branches of the military at the parade and I had the pleasure of talking to them. In particular, an Army sergeant with eight deployments and twenty four years of service stopped to talk with me and my fellow cadets about what it is like in the operational military and he also gave us invaluable advice from his experiences. As if the weekend could not get any better, we also performed the Windjammers show at the Giants stadium! Eli Manning ran right past me during warm up and I thought of how awesome it was that I was on the same field. It was also great performing in that huge arena with the seats full of onlookers.


Another notable moment of November was a Calculus test I took two weeks ago. I did poorly on the test and it just really served as a reminder to me as to where I am and how only hard work is going to get me through here. I share this because I think it is important for future cadets to know that academics are important here and sometimes you are going to have to sacrifice time you would rather spend doing something else just sitting at your desk and studying. This may seem obvious but it is easy to be sidetracked and this test showed me that I was being sidetracked. Thankfully, I have the support of my fellow shipmates who are excellent at Calculus and the special tutoring sessions called CAAP that the Academy offers on select nights. The Academy offers so much support because they want you to succeed and excel here. Therefore, though I am pumped for break, I have been studying hard for my math test tomorrow, and I know that with all the hard work I have put in to studying I am set up for success. Once I take the test, I can be confident I did well and enjoy my Thanksgiving break with the people I love.


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