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cadet blogs

Holiday Sandwiched Mayhem

(Academics, Overcoming Challenges, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Daghir Photo Hi. It’s weird. Driving back to school this time, I did not really experience that stomach drop. At this point, my closest friends are those who walk the halls here at school. Thanksgiving was nice, and it was a chance for me to be completely off guard prior to the most strenuous week of the semester. Funny how that works. I have to say though, the break was nice. I went home to Maryland and was able to get some quality family time in. I was able to depart early for recruiting leave, which was nice. I got to leave the Academy on Friday instead of Tuesday! I went to four high schools but unfortunately the students in my county were already on break, so I met with some teachers. I also did an informational session at a library, which was attended by a variety of people, so I guess I did get some recruiting in.


School is about to be crazy in the coming four days. I have two papers and a poster due, and two tests. And then our military scores are also due in, plus we have to attend military trainings. Additionally, I have a take-home test due and another test on Monday. Soooooo, when I finally make it to finals week, I will be one happy camper.


OH! Last week, our “shopping list” came out for all firsties!! I cannot even begin to believe that I have made it to this point in my cadet career, but at the same time, it feels natural that we are all considering where we will be spending the next chapter of our Coast Guard lives. People are starting to get sentimental, which may seem premature but honestly I could not tell you where the month of November went!


I hope that you continue to follow my journey as it sure to stay interesting!


2/c Year Academics

(Academics, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Seaman Photo Hello, all! As I’m getting ready to go on Thanksgiving leave, I’d love to tell you a little bit about my semester so far. It has been filled with academics and swimming, but also some very exciting milestones, like designing our class rings that we will get in April.


As an Operations Research major, I take mostly math and computer classes and a few humanities and navigation courses. I really enjoy the math and computer courses. This semester we are being introduced to computer programming in Java, which I find both pretty difficult and fun. The other math classes I’m taking are Probability Theory and Networks and Non-Linear Optimization. I think both of these are very interesting. (If you would like to know more about these courses feel free to email me). As far as non-major classes, I am in Morals and Ethics and Maritime Watch Officer. In Morals and Ethics, we learn about the different moral theories that exist and how they apply to everyday situations. Maritime Watch Officer is our navigation class. All cadets must take one navigation course each year. This year, it teaches us basic ship driving, how to use different modes of navigation, and conning skills. It is very applicable to the work we will do if we graduate and are assigned as a Deck Watch Officer on a cutter. We get to go out on the river and drive the Academy’s T-boats once a week during our lab and perform different drills like a man overboard recovery.


This is just a glimpse of 2/c year academics as I still have one more semester to go, but hopefully you now have some insight into what a typical semester is like for us here. Thanks for reading, and as always, email me if you have any questions!


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