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cadet blogs

Holiday Who-bee What-ee

(Just for Fun, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Duplessis Photo Today was the last day of classes, and we’re so close to winter break!! I’m so happy to be done with this semester, but it did go by extremely fast. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress from school and sports, and then realize you’re halfway there.


I had an amazing Thanksgiving with my friends and family. I’m from New Hampshire, but my family friends live in California, so I was fortunate enough to meet them all out west and spend the small holiday break near the Los Angeles area. It was awesome to spend time with my friends, who I hadn’t seen in a while, and visit with my family together. I had a great Thanksgiving dinner and spent the evening in a food coma. The next day, we all went to Six Flags, which I’d highly recommend visiting if you are near the area. It was hard to come back to school after five days off, but the next two weeks literally fly by and then you’re back on a (longer) break.


The title of this blog entry is a quote from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, possibly one of the greatest holiday movies in history. Usually I watch this movie about 20 times within the month of December. Watching this movie is probably top of my priorities for when I arrive at my house. Until then…


The Grinch thought of something he hadn't before.
“Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas...” he thought, “...means a little bit more.”


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Wrapping It Up

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Wright Photo Thanksgiving break was awesome! Finally going home and seeing the whole family was something that was much needed. It went by really fast though, and before I knew it I was back at the Academy. The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas break is only two and a half weeks so coming back from break we immediately hit the ground running with multiple tests and our fair share of projects. December 1st we had our winter formal dance and admittedly it was a lot more fun than expected. A bunch of my friends and I had dates, we went to our formal dinner, and it ended with a dance in Leamy Ballroom. It was fun to see everyone dressed so fancy and even though the uniforms for the females weren’t too flattering it was easier to get through it when all of us were matching.


Since the dance, it seems like we have gone straight into exams and, while it is a bit stressful, it’s crazy to think that I will be home in one week. Next semester is going to bring a lot of changes so it will be interesting to see how things play out. This first semester has flown by and I am happy to say that I have learned so much already. I have encountered some amazing leaders in our upperclassman, which has driven me to work hard to be as impactful as they have been to me. I’m trying to go into next semester with an open mind and learn as much as possible from our new leaders.


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