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cadet blogs

Passing the Big Test

(Academics, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Chavarria-Aguilar Photo I have a few things to say about my third semester here at the Academy. Last year was rough in its own respect, but this year has been a whole new animal.


Now, I don’t need to tell you that life as an upper-class cadet is worlds better than life as a fourth-class. I’ve breathed the fresh air of independence, and there is nothing sweeter. Despite the fact that we are still restricted from civilian clothes and owning cars, the rights that we have earned back are definitely worthwhile. For instance, I can go out on Friday nights and stay out later on Saturdays. Also, I can wear rec gear (khakis and a polo) out on liberty, instead of the Coast Guard uniform. And, rather than being a follower, we are now expected to be role models for the new fourth class. Fortunately, the job isn’t so hard since we had all of last year to prepare for it. I myself am lucky enough to be in a division with a great fourth-class who knows how to do her job right.


On another note, my classes have not been easy this semester. I’ve struggled with a few different subjects and have noticed that as each semester passes, my GPA drops every so slightly. At first, I feared that I was doing something wrong. However, I later realized that it was a sign of how challenging the courses here at the Academy can be.


I once read, “…a man enters a new world with the aim of becoming something greater than he once was. He is tested once, twice, three, four, five times, each test harder than the last. Then comes the most difficult test of his life. And at the end of the week, he emerges a different man. He has met the hardest test of his life, and he has passed or he has failed.” I like to think that my time here at the Academy is one of those tests. Within the big test is smaller tests that I encounter each and every day. Even though I may not pass all of the tests, I know that as long as I pass the right ones and learn from my failures then I can make it out of here a better person.


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What It Means to Be a 3c

(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Lash Photo The constant blur of 3/c year continues even more so with a daily routine. The days seem long, but before you can blink the week is over. Then you start to think about what you’ve done recently and another month is finished.


It was hard for me to find a purpose as a third class at the beginning of this semester. I was running everyday and improving my race times (I’ll get to that later), but I was having the most trouble finding my place in the military chain of command. It is hard not to just fly under the radar and stay quiet as a third class. Your life changed from being constantly watched to not being watched at all (this happens in only one month’s time). My 4/c was having some intercompany issues and through counseling her, I found my purpose as a third class.


I realized that the 2/c and 1/c serve as the ones to enforce the rules, but the 3/c are around as the middlemen. 3/c cadets are supposed to build up the 4/c, be their points of contact, their role models, and their advice givers. I now realize how important we are to the 4/c and that we can really make their day by offering a few positive words in passing. It is amazing how much of a difference a few kind words can make.


Cross country is coming to an end, and this season has been really surprising. I’ve shaved almost 3 minutes off of my 8k time and my current PR is 27:10. I placed high enough on the team to qualify for the Division III race in November!! I had no idea I was capable of hitting those times and now that I know what I can do, I’m setting my goals even higher. I’m hoping that this track season I will be able to break 15:20 in the 5k and 4:30 in the mile.


Other than that, life has been pretty normal here. Life doesn’t change too dramatically on a day-to-day basis…


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(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Cardoza Photo Thanksgiving is such an important time of the year for cadets. It marks the end of the semester and the beginning of finals week. I have to say, having this semester wind down to an end came up a lot faster than I expected it to! It seems like everyone has been rushing all semester that we never actually stopped to look back on all that we’ve done. This year is definitely a lot different than 4/c year in the sense that there is more academic work, and that we also have 4/c looking up to us. It is a totally different perspective, but one that I know all of our class has enjoyed. I have seen my class grow in ways that I never thought that we could and it has been amazing to witness how people change throughout the course of one year.


I cannot wait until the next semester comes up! That means that we are just that much closer to being cadre and leading a summer experience and possibly changing somebody’s life. It will be interesting to see who rises up as a leader people look up to and who doesn’t. I have the utmost faith in my class though that we will continue to grow and learn from all the challenges and experiences we encounter.


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Crunch Time

(Academics, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Ellis Photo It’s crunch time here at the Academy, and it sure is hectic. I am getting ready for finals, which are only a few weeks away. It seems like I have fifty percent of my work due in just these next few weeks. I have also been busy keeping up on memorizing meals and keeping my uniform and room looking spiffy.


Luckily all of the fourth class has earned some privileges that make the added workload and obligations a little bit better. We earned running suits, which are AMAZING! Now we can wear them to dinner instead of our uniforms. We have also earned dry cleaning and flip-flops. We also had a really fun Halloween dinner and trick-or-treating around Chase Hall. We got to dress up and have carry-on around Chase, which made me feel like an upperclassman for a few hours. Here at the Academy, it’s the little things that are awesome.


While being busy academically, athletically and militarily, in addition to the added privileges, I look forward to Thanksgiving break and then shortly afterward, Christmas leave. Thanksgiving will be the first time for many of my classmates to go home since R-Day. I am lucky that I live so close and can go home occasionally.


For example, I went home this weekend for Veteran’s Day. It was great to sleep in my own bed, even though while I was at home I was not doing something I particularly wished I was doing. After Hurricane Sandy, I decided I wanted to home to help my family recover and clean up. When I arrived home, I got straight to business. I spent my weekend throwing out destroyed furniture, ripping out carpets and tearing down soggy drywall. It was not the most pleasant experience but I was glad that I could spend time with my family at home.


Now I cannot wait until I can go home for almost an entire month for Christmas. However, first I must make sure I have completed all my military obligations as well as take my finals. For now, its crunch time until leave.


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