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cadet blogs

With Great Power, Comes Endless Amounts of Homework

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Doctolero Photo Going into my third class year I was excited. I could swivel my head in the hallway, I could bring my food to my face in whatever angle I wanted, and I no longer yelled at an inanimate object for 10 minutes. The roles had switched and I was excited for the year to come. When classes started I realized this year wouldn’t be all fun and games. As an ORCA major my schedule was full of math classes. I have multivariable calculus right after my linear algebra class, talk about math overload. And physics in the morning is rough; the last thing I wanted to talk about in the morning was angular velocity and the conservation of momentum. On top of that, there were weekly physics tests and so much homework I couldn’t breathe. It was tough at first to get in the swing of things, but I worked hard, developed a schedule, and tried not to waste too much time.


It was also weird for me to have to be in charge of someone. Even though the division has a first and second class, it’s the third class’ responsibility to take the fourth class under their wing. I was constantly bombarded with questions and tried to answer to the best of my abilities. There was also deciding what kind of leader I should be. Should I be the overly nice third class, that seems like a friend or should I be the overly accountable third class that is strict and goes by the book. I eventually chose to be nice, because everyone deserves second chances, and my goal was not to be a tyrant, but a mentor. And I can’t mentor if my fourth class is scared to approach me.


Despite all the kinks and obstacles, I can honestly say I’m excited for the year to come. I look forward to watch my fourth class grow just as I did last year. I know I’m far from perfect and I also have some growing to do. But I’m ready to tackle any obstacle head on and make the best of this year.


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Our Service as Coast Guardsmen is About Servitude

(Overcoming Challenges, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2014) Permanent link
 DePorto Photo It's a short week coming back from Labor Day weekend. As always, I am excited for the weekend. We have an away volleyball tournament and are leaving Friday at 1300 (1pm). I will get to sleep on the bus while my classmates are in school. Oh, the small perks of being on a varsity team.


My birthday is this month, and I am dreading turning 22. I remember being 17 and meeting someone that was 22. "You are so old," was all I could think. I am losing my youth. But I have to keep reminding myself that age is only a number. With every day that passes, I learn more and am able to take on more responsibilities.


I am the Regimental Workplace Climate Officer this semester. I get to deal with diversity affairs as well as sexual harassment and assault issues. The perks of taking on the extra responsibilities are that I get to keep my car in the upper parking lot, I live on the second floor, and I get to give the 4/c carry-on. I am working to make trainings better and be able to have more open discussions about where we all come from. I am a first generation college student, and much to my surprise so are many of my classmates. We all come from different backgrounds and have faced different challenges, so I believe that if we talk about them we can have a better appreciation for those around us as well as the wonderful lives we all live.


Again, my sister and I are the first in our family to attend college. I knew I would go to college since the 7th grade when my parents told me that I could get paid to go to school if I worked hard. Little did I know that I would eventually not only get paid to go to school, but straight out of college I will have no debt and the coolest job I can think of for a 22-year-old. I am living the American dream.


That is all I have for my first entry, but I want to leave this with the speech I addressed to the Corps on our first day of school. The weekend before got out of hand and too many people forgot how lucky they are to attend the Academy. It is a stressful place and we are young adults, but we cannot forget what a great opportunity we have been given by coming here.


Our Service as Coast Guardsmen is About Servitude (Continued) PDF  


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A Memorable Columbus Day Weekend

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Mason Photo Oh boy…. What a load! This semester is by far the hardest semester I’ve had as a Civil Engineer. My weeks are flooded with group projects that consist of designing retaining walls, concrete beams and slabs, with plenty more to come. This is the year that we take all of the information that has been crammed into our brains over the past three years, and actually apply it to large-scale problems. I believe next week we are actually going to be pouring concrete to build concrete beams that we have designed, and then we will load them until they fail. Should be pretty fun!


I spent the long Columbus Day weekend in Rhode Island with my friend Melissa who was 39 weeks pregnant. We have been friends since middle school, and I just simply could not take the chance of missing the birth of her child. Come Sunday night, she had not yet had the baby, but was still three days early. I started to become discouraged, thinking that there was absolutely no way that she was going to give birth before I had to go back to the Academy. Well, God answered my prayers and her water broke Sunday evening, and she went into labor by 1:30 in the morning on Monday. We (her mother, husband, mother-in-law, and I) arrived at the hospital around 0230, and she delivered her baby by 0530. It all happened so fast, and before I knew it I was holding a beautiful, tiny, perfect baby boy in my arms. His name is Mason Anthony Souza, and I really mean it when I say he is perfect. Even his CRY is beautiful. I still don’t think I have wrapped my brain around the idea that this woman, the little girl I used to sneak down the hallway with and into her fridge to steal ice cream in the middle of the night, is now a mother. And that tiny little bundle that I held in my arms is a person, who will someday grow up to be a man. It absolutely amazes me! And I feel so blessed to be named his “Auntie,” even though we are not truly related.


As beautiful and exciting as my weekend was, it all made Monday night a difficult one. I had only really slept for about an hour in the previous 24 hours, and had to work on a project that was due the next day. I didn’t go to bed until about 0300, and got 3 hours of sleep. My full morning of classes on Tuesday was probably the most difficult I’ve had all year. Staying awake was SO HARD!!! The exhaustion was worth it overall, but I’m definitely feeling it carry out into the rest of my week. Two more days and I will hopefully be able to get some much-needed rest.


Until next time,


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A Successful Transition

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Schroeder Photo Hello all! Here I am, already a month into school and I cannot believe how fast it is flying by! It’s strange to think that already over a year has passed since I first arrived at this place, and that I have already made it through my fourth class year and third class summer.


This summer I got to see some amazing places; I was in Miami, Florida for five weeks working on a brand new fast response cutter, and then I went on Barque Eagle for six weeks where we got to travel to places such as Bermuda, France, and Canada. I had some unforgettable experiences that easily made for the best summer I’ve ever had. At first it was definitely tough to get back into school mode, but I’ve ended up making a great transition.


I am a Marine and Environmental Sciences major and I am taking some really cool classes! Meteorology and Marine Biology are among my favorites. As a fourth class I just took general classes, now it’s awesome to study subjects I am actually interested in! I’ve already got to learn and see some pretty neat things, for example in Marine Biology lab the other day we got to go to the beach and catch small critters like crabs and jellyfish.


School isn’t the only thing keeping me busy this year though. I joined the women’s rugby team a month ago and I love it! I’m playing loose-head prop for the A-side team, and we just had our first game last weekend and we won! I play hockey so I’m used to contact sports but rugby is definitely exciting and new. Hockey pre-season stuff has also been starting, and as team secretary I have a lot of new responsibilities that I did not have last year, and a lot of paperwork to get done!


School, sports, and military obligations have definitely been keeping me busy, but so far I’ve had a great time in this first month of school and can’t wait for autumn.


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