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cadet blogs

O Canada!

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White Photo Wow, it’s been really busy lately. Between midterms and band, I’ve had barely any time. It’s always nice when they give you three tests in one day, so you can get all your studying and test taking done at once! But, that’s October for you. It will be nice when November comes around and I’ll have that time of (minor) relaxation before it’s time to start studying for finals.


A couple of weeks ago, the Windjammers took our annual trip to Montreal, Canada to play for McGill University. We all had a blast as we showed McGill the hard work and time we’ve put into our show. Roaming around the city afterwards was pretty cool too. It’s an enlightening experience to be able to travel to different countries and experience different cultures. I am always amazed at, even though we all have our differences, how similar we still are to each other.


However, I’m back at the Academy now and I need to get ready for the rest of the semester. There are still plenty of Windjammer events to go to (one every weekend for a couple of weeks still), tests to study for, and trainings to receive. It’s a busy time of the year, but I find that relief after you’ve accomplished a lot to be well worth the work put forth to get it. Although, as much as I like that feeling, I’d rather not experience it every week.


Halloween is starting to work its way around the Academy. Morale is starting to climb as we approach this holiday centered around fun. There were some concerns about the tradition of Trick-or-Treating Admiral’s house, but to the corps’ relief, they’ve been resolved.


I don’t have much more. Although I’ve been busy, it’s pretty much all the same kind of things. I hope to have more for you guys next month. I’ll have been to New York then, for the Veteran’s Day Parade, and the Academy should be getting ready for Thanksgiving.


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Special Events at the Academy: PARENTS’ WEEKEND

(Academics, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2013) Permanent link
Andreasen Photo October 5, 2012 at the Coast Guard Academy: this marked the beginning to one of the most special weekends of the fall semester, Parents’ Weekend. This year I was involved in the planning of Parents’ Weekend, which provided me with an insight to how much effort a special event requires. It also took me back to my 4/c year as I saw cadets with their parents and remembered my family’s first visit. Though my parents did not visit this year, I had the opportunity to see so many rejuvenated cadets and excited family members. I will cherish these memories as I cherish the time spent with my family.


Parents’ Weekend also brings the beginning of preparations for midterms. The semester is nearly at the halfway point by this time and cadets are already preoccupied with thoughts of Thanksgiving and even Christmas, while of course painstakingly studying for midterm examinations. Despite the daunting promise of future exams and essays (as a true Government major can respect), these will be my favorite days at the Academy. I am always excited for the leaves to turn bright and then watch them float lazily to the ground. A New England autumn always promises color and pumpkin flavored everything. As I type, I’m sure there are cadets in Chase Hall decorating their rooms for the upcoming festivities and counting down the days to Halloween.


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