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cadet blogs

Looking Back, Looking Forward

(Academics, Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2017) Permanent link
Glick Photo As the year comes to a close with finals, I have a bit of down time to reflect on the past year. A year ago, I was at a state university, waiting to come to the Academy. Life was mundane—fifteen college credits and not much else to do in New Jersey. The first part of this year was a time of anticipation and waiting, waiting to start the rest of my life. Swab Summer came and went, and it was easily the most amazing and challenging period of my life. Former cadre and upper-class acquaintances kept telling me how Swab Summer was easier than the academic year. In some ways, it was, but in other aspects, it was much harder. My advice for Swab Summer: keep your nose down and stay off of the radar, and you’ll be fine. Many of my old classmates from 2016 are anticipating 2018s arrival as they prepare for cadre summer, and as a 4/c, I can hardly wait to act “normally” in Chase Hall.


This semester was very difficult with many different responsibilities. Some days I feel like a part time janitor cleaning up Chase Hall. Other days I feel like a busy college student trying to understand kinetic molecular theory and the meaning behind a dense piece of literature like Emerson’s “Walden Pond”. My life has changed drastically in less than a year. I was just a regular college student with a lost identity, and now I feel I have made a place for myself as a cadet in the United States Coast Guard. Regardless of how well finals go, I’ll be here next semester, learning new things, and figuring out why I was put here. We all know why we came here—to serve the United States of America. Still though, most of us have absolutely no idea what we want to do in the Coast Guard, or even major in! I can’t wait to take Nautical Science I next semester to learn the facets of my hopeful profession: the maritime military officer. In just one semester, we’ll all be out in the fleet learning what real Coast Guard life is all about, and we can’t wait!



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Finals Week

(Academics, The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Miller Photo One of the weird things about the Academy is that finals week—supposedly the hardest week out of the year—is also the most relaxing. True, we have major tests worth a large portion of our grade, but the overall environment is much more relaxed than usual. Rather than reciting indoc at clocks every morning, the 4/c sing Christmas carols. Instead of family style breakfast, we have buffet style, which means that there is more types of food available, and also that we can go later in the morning instead of right after formation. This also means we can sleep more.


There’s just also a lot more time available. Military obligations decrease dramatically, and with no more classes, there’s a lot more free time. For example, today I had enough time to run, swim, shop, study, and relax—and it’s not even the end of the workday yet.


So yes, finals are stressful, but overall? The most relaxing week at the Academy.


For any questions about life at the Academy, feel free to email me at!



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