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cadet blogs

The Academic Year

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 Martorell Crespo Photo Being a fourth class is tough but fun at the same time. First semester is almost over and now I can’t wait to start second semester. We always have homework plus other tasks that we have to accomplish, but that is just preparing us even more.


I have learned the importance of time management and setting goals while being here at the Academy. If you want to do well, you have to do your homework every day, use your time wisely, pay attention in class and never fall asleep. Academics here are a challenge, but if others have made it through, why can’t I? Every day I am busy and don’t usually have time to go out and talk with my friends. Some weekends I don’t even leave the Academy because of the quantity of work I have. But if you want to succeed you have to sacrifice.


I always try to work ahead and seek help when I don’t understand something. As time passes by, I enjoy being here more and more. You have a lot of school work but you can have fun at the same time. Upon arriving here at the Academy, I thought I would only have time to study and never have the opportunity to socialize or relax, but there is always time for everything. I study, but also there are times where you can have a morale night and get carry-on, get smoothies, talk with your friends, and have fun. In the end, working hard is worth it.


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Coast Guard Academy Scholars Program, What’s That?

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Kimura Photo CGAS – Coast Guard Academy Scholars program. I wished somebody covered that topic in a cadet blog when I was accepted into the program during my senior year. I had no idea what to expect. I never heard of it before I received the acceptance phone call, and the Academy website vaguely explained the program’s details. There is relatively no advertisement for the CGAS program because candidates cannot apply for it. The program is similar to other service academies’ preparatory school programs, in which the Academy sends potential cadets to a year of schooling to improve certain areas, such as academics or physical fitness, before joining the next year’s class. Although I joined the program feeling uninformed, I have not regretted the decision, or opportunities it provided me.


A few questions I had going into the program:

What does CGAS consist of?
Well, it starts with a three-week training period, almost like a compressed version of Swab Summer, full of the yelling and running around campus. Those three weeks are challenging physically and mentally, but creates everlasting bonds with the other scholars. At the conclusion of the three weeks, the Academy sends the scholars to one of two military schools, Marion Military Institute in Alabama, which I attended, or Georgia Military College. The curriculum consisted of English composition, general chemistry, general physics, pre-calculus or calculus, military training class, and in some cases like mine, band.


What is the difference between attending a regular school and re-applying versus going to one of the Academy’s prep schools?
I originally thought I might as well attend a civilian college for a year and re-apply, rather than committing a year at a prep school far away from home. However, I did not realize the benefits of how well the academics could prepare me, becoming adjusted to a military schedule, and the lasting friendships I would make with future classmates.


If you have any questions regarding the CGAS program or preparatory school, please feel free to contact me.


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Part of a Team

(Athletics, Class of 2018) Permanent link
Coburn Photo As I have mentioned before, I plan on playing lacrosse here at the Academy. There are a lot of changes to the lacrosse team this year; the team is moving from a club sport to a varsity Division III team, there is a new coach, and there is also a different dynamic to the players, considering I am one of eight or more 4/c that are on the team this year. Since it is a varsity sport now we were able to play some lacrosse as a team during the fall, we had practice three days a week and yesterday we had a tournament at Springfield College where we competed against a wide variety of Division III teams as well as one Division II team. Not only was this a great way to put what we had learned during fall ball into action, but it also was an opportunity for us to all play together as a real team for the first time.


Now that fall ball is over we will have winter strength and conditioning training until the regular season practices start in January. Although the practices are going to be a little chilly, we can look forward to going to North Carolina with the team during Spring Break!


Being a part of the team here at the Academy is really a good way to meet new people, including upperclassman. Although you can’t be “friends” just being able to talk to an upperclassman you trust about anything will really make your time here smoother and easier in a way. I have three 1/c on my team who are actually in my company as well and they are always willing to help me whenever I need it. Being on the team also helps you create friendships with girls that may not be in your company and therefore you don’t focus too much on just your company.


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