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cadet blogs


(The Cadet Experience, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Corcoran Photo Coming back to the Academy after winter leave gave me a very bittersweet feeling. While I wanted to come back to school to do something more productive with my time, leaving my friends and family was sad. We have been kept very occupied with all of our military obligations since our return, however, because of all of our hard work this week, the Corps of Cadets have been granted a long weekend. Unfortunately, I know people involved in winter sports will all be staying at the Academy due to all of the games and meets tomorrow. Personally, I have an indoor track and field meet at fifth deck Roland tomorrow. I am excited to start my college track career, however also very nervous due to an illness I am trying to overcome right now. Hopefully I do not come in last…


I had a wonderful time at home in Pennsylvania over leave. I received plenty of rest, saw old high school friends, and spent a lot of time with my family. I realized how quickly time flies by when my brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve. It seems like just yesterday we were little kids fighting over who got to sit in the front seat on the way home. My brother also aided in the addition to the new member of the Corcoran family. No, it was not a person, it was a new kitten! Since our outdoor cat, Mr. Brown, ran away, my brother bought my mom a new kitten named Olive. Any time I laid down on the couch, she would cuddle herself up on my chest.


While this semester will definitely be a challenge, I am ready for the challenge this time. I know what to do and what to expect so I am hoping for success this semester.


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Surprisingly Excited to Get Back to the Old Grind

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2015) Permanent link
Carani Photo All things must come to an end, and winter leave is no exception. Although it is always hard to say goodbye to good friends, delicious food, and great family, as I look back on all that I did over my winter leave, I can return to the Academy with a smile on my face. I was blessed to be able to enjoy the longest winter break that the U.S. Coast Guard Academy has ever had, thanks to the way that the school year scheduling worked out, and because of the way that Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fell (so I’m sorry, but any prospective cadets reading this, don’t expect a 3 ½ week break…). Breaks at home always fly by, and when I return to the Academy, it always feels like I never left. However, reflecting upon everything that I did at home over the break, I can definitely say that I took advantage of my time away. I was able to do a lot of cooking, baking, working out, and I even went ice skating for the first time ever! I also attended several of my younger brother’s high school basketball games, which was definitely one of the highlights of being home. In addition to all of that, I was also able to spend some quality time with my other older brother, my parents, friends from high school, all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles (and there’s a lot of them!), and most importantly my girlfriend and her family! Living a mere hour away from Chicago, I went downtown on three separate occasions and enjoyed the beautiful lights and snow, and got some delicious food! Definitely another one of the highlights!


All in all, I am happy that I can reflect upon such an action-packed winter break, and come back recharged and ready for the next semester! I am so thankful for such a supportive family that helped to make my break so memorable and special!


And as I look to the next semester, I am surprisingly excited for all that it holds. I was fortunate enough to be selected to represent the Coast Guard Academy and attend the Presidential Inauguration over Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend, so I am very much looking forward to that! In addition, the spring rowing season is always a lot of fun, and we take a spring break training trip to Florida, which will be a blast! And even though I had to pay $1,542.91 for books, I am really looking forward to using them and getting started with all of my classes this upcoming week! It’s going to be a great semester!


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Coming Back After Break

(Choosing the Coast Guard Academy, Class of 2016) Permanent link
Hirst Photo While I couldn’t wait for Christmas leave, in the back of my mind I was dreading coming back. Christmas break was wonderful—it was more than three weeks of complete freedom. I was able to spend time with friends and not worry about anything. Many people told me I wouldn’t be able to relate to my friends back home but that was not true at all. Coming back, however, was very difficult. Stepping into Chase Hall was an extremely weird feeling. It was the first time squaring, greeting, and maintaining brace for almost a month. It’s tough being back, but I know the next few months of fourth class year will go by quickly just like the first semester. In the end, this place is definitely worth everything you have to put up with. While some days may not be the best, there is absolutely nowhere else I’d rather be.


Good luck to all those applying as you make the biggest decision yet! Feel free to email any questions! 


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