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Laura Boross  
Cadet Profile
Profile Laura Beck  Laura Beck
Tucson, AZ - Class of 2017
Major: Marine and Environmental Sciences  

My name is Laura Beck and I grew up in one of the furthest places from Coast Guard influence–Tucson, Arizona. I graduated from high school in 2009 and attended college at Arizona State for a while before deciding I’d rather work than go to school. I was an EMT for almost two years before enlisting in the Coast Guard in the summer of 2012. I enjoyed my billet at Station Shinnecock on Long Island but when the opportunity to become an officer and get an amazing degree at the Coast Guard Academy presented itself, it was too good to pass up.

This year I’m on the crew team (I’ve never rowed before but they’re great about training walk-ons) and taking basic classes to get ready for a degree in Marine Environmental Science. On the weekends I try to get off campus and visit with my awesome sponsor family and ride my road bike around the sometimes rough New England roads. Out of both necessity and enjoyment I enjoy finding great places to get coffee around the area and haven’t been disappointed yet.

I’m really looking forward to getting the most out of my experience here for the next four years especially since it’s like a fresh start after as many years without a long-term direction. Hopefully I’ll find my calling finally and be great at it!