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1.5 Mile Run
Administration of the 1.5 mile run at USCGA:
 1. Equipment Used: Examiners will need a clock, a stop watch (for backup), cones, and a measured 1.5 mile course.   In Roland Hall (Level 5), the 1.5 mile run is 13.5 laps when measured from the first lane. The start and finish lines are marked in black paint. Cones should be set out on the curves and the straightaway to clearly mark the inside of the track. 
 2. Instruction for Personnel: There is a timer and a starter. Each cadet taking the test will also have a recorder to count laps and record lap times on the lap time card.
 3. Instruction for Cadets: (Examiner Read Description) On “GO”, cover the 1.5 mile course in the fastest possible time. Stay on the track at all times. Pass only on the outside of other runners and only when there is enough space.  If you become winded or have a muscle cramp, you may walk but make certain that you stay within the 1.5 mile course.  
 4. Points for Examiner: Examiners and recorders must be in a position to observe the cadets during the entire run. Recorders will write down the time for each lap on the lap time card. If a cadet must stop, he or she should report to the sports medicine personnel on duty. Cadets unable to finish the run will have their cards and scoresheets marked “DNF.”
 5. Scoring: The recorder will fill in the final time of the runner on the official score sheet and file the lap time card in the appropriate envelope.