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Frequently Asked Questions - AIM Summer Program
Q:  When will the 2017 AIM application open?
A:  The online application will open February 6, 2017.

Q:  How can I find out my AIM application status?
A:  Please check your Bear’s Den account regularly for application status or contact your Admissions Officer.

Q:  Is an interview required for the AIM Program?
A:   Interviews are not available for those applying to the AIM.

Q:  When should I expect to hear whether or not I was accepted to the program?
A:   You should receive a letter by the first week in May.

Q:  Would a pre-existing medical condition disqualify me from applying to AIM?
A:  Most students are allowed to attend AIM despite medical conditions if it will not affect their ability to participate fully. Getting a medical clearance, however, does not guarantee that a student will get medical clearance for entry into the Coast Guard. All students who apply for admissions to the next incoming class must pass a medical screening done by an independent contractor approved by DoDMERB. DoDMERB will make a determination based upon your exam and medical history and will then make a recommendation to us regarding medical eligibility. For more specifics, please consult our list of common disqualifications.

Q:  I missed the AIM deadline. Can I still apply to this year's program?
A:  If you would like more information on other visit programs we offer at the Coast Guard Academy please check our website.

Q:  I would like to change the week I selected for AIM. Is that possible?
A:  We assigned students to the weeks they indicated they on their initial application. If we can accommodate a switch, we will contact you as soon as possible, but only after everyone has returned their forms.

Q:  Does attending the AIM summer program give applicants an advantage?
A:  The advantage the AIM program affords students is a one week glimpse of the CGA. However, overall, students that attend AIM do not have an advantage.

If you did not find the answers to your Admissions questions, please ask us directly.