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A Typical AIM Day
An average day in the Coast Guard is not so average. What can we say about AIM, other than things start early, end late and it’s jam-packed in between. You won’t sit around bored - guaranteed!

0600 – Reveille
0610 – Calisthenics
0700 – Morning Meal
0800 – Engineering Project
1200 – Noon Meal
1300 – Physical Activities
1545 – Sports
1730 – Evening Meal
1815 – Cadre Time
1900 – Evening Sessions
2200 – Taps/Lights Out

Past participants in the AIM program have said: 

“I attended the second week of the AIM program. It was truly an awesome experience and it totally blew the Naval and Air Force Academies' summer programs right out of the water. … AIM had no boring academic workshops to sit through … I felt I got a more accurate sense of what life is like at the Academy. The engineering project was some of the most fun I ever had and I learned a lot from participating in it. The various teambuilding exercises the cadre had my platoon do were very successful in forming us into a team from complete strangers at the beginning of the week into close friends by the end of the week. Upon reflection, I believe that I will feel very at home in the Coast Guard, with its close-knit culture of shared values and mission. I definitely think that the Coast Guard Academy is right place for me to be.”

"I had an incredible time during AIM last week. It further convinced me that the Coast Guard Academy is the right place for me. I find it challenging academically and physically. I truly believe that the Coast Guard is the right service for me to serve in because of the character of its people, the great service it provides to the nation and the opportunity that it offers to me to grow and learn in many ways. With that said, I am ready to go. I would like to apply as soon as possible."

"Last week was a defining moment for me. I have attended this summer not only AIM, but also the Naval Academy and Air Force Academy's summer seminars and AIM was the most fun, fulfilling and meaningful. The Coast Guard is where I want to be."