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Interview Process
An admissions interview is an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about the Academy, and for the Academy to learn more about you.

Interviews are optional and are available from October until January 30 each year. The interview normally takes about 40 minutes. If your family wishes to attend with you, the interviewer will first meet with you alone, then offer time for your family to ask questions. If you are interested in having an interview, contact your Admissions Officer and they can arrange for an interview with a Coast Guard Academy representative in your area. There is usually a two week waiting period between the date of request and the interview. 

The best time to schedule your interview is after you have submitted the online application, your SAT Reasoning or ACT with Writing Test scores, and a current high school transcript. The critical information received in the first part of the application process, along with your test scores and transcript, allow us to start a file on you. Further, your submission of this information indicates you are serious about applying to the Academy.  

Interviews are not available for those applying to the AIM program. 

To schedule an interview, contact your Admissions Officer.