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Selection and Enrollment

Interview: It is necessary that all applicants be interviewed by either their U.S. Defense Attaché Officer (USDAO) or other U.S. Embassy official prior to submission of their package. Applicants are required to present a certified high school transcript at the interview. High school performance, English skills, activities and evidence of physical fitness will be evaluated.

Application Documents: Upon request, the U.S. Coast Guard Academy will send each international cadet candidate the required forms and supplemental information. All requirements must be completed by February 1st.

Selection: International cadets are selected on a competitive basis. Announcements of international appointments to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy will be made in March or as soon thereafter as practicable.


International cadets enrolled at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy are subject to the same regulations governing attendance, discipline, resignation, discharge, dismissal, and graduation as appointed U.S. citizens.

All cadets enrolled in the Academy receive pay and allowance of approximately $975 per month. Most of the allowance is used for textbooks, uniforms, and various fees, but part of it is for personal use.

Upon graduation, international cadets are awarded a Bachelor of Science degree; however, they are not entitled to serve in the U.S. Coast Guard. Before enrollment, each international cadet must have their sponsoring country certify that the cadet will serve in that country's Coast Guard, Navy, or other comparable maritime service upon graduation.