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Admissions Programs
Online registration is required for all Campus Visit events unless otherwise noted. To register, please access our calendar of campus events, select the event you would like to attend and then use the Register button at the top left of the event description page. Please note that you will need to create a personalized online profile to register for a visit. For questions regarding events, call the Campus Programs Manager at 860-701-6395 or the Admissions office at 860-444-8503. For all other questions, contact your Admissions Officer.

Admissions Briefing and Tour 

Please check the calendar online for all scheduling and registration. Briefings are held on most Mondays and Fridays, and are located in the Admissions Officer in the lower level of Waesche Hall. Admissions Officers will be available to answer questions; however interviews will not be conducted. There are a limited number of seats available for all briefings; registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Your formal briefing will start with an Admissions Officer‘s talk featuring a slide show of Coast Guard Missions, Coast Guard Academy Life, and the Coast Guard Academy Admissions Process. Guests will learn about the unique advantages, opportunities, and challenges of our service academy education. This one-hour program is a great introduction to the Coast Guard Academy. Following the brief, you will have the opportunity to tour the campus.

All visitors are required to register online. Prospective cadets are encouraged to schedule meetings with coaches, music coordinators or academic program chairs in advance of your visit. A confirmation email will automatically be sent to you when you register which will include contact information for Coast Guard Academy staff.

Bears Day 

Join other high school students and their families for a day of exploration and fellowship. A six-hour Friday program, these events are offered periodically and include information about cadet life, academic, military, and athletic programs. Cadet-led campus tours provide insight into the Coast Guard Academy experience first-hand. Students who attend will have the opportunity to dine in the cadet wardroom for lunch, attend a class of their choice, and meet one-on-one with cadets. Guests depart with a thorough understanding of the admissions process and are well prepared to decide whether or not to apply. The next Bears Day will be held in the fall and you must register online to attend.

Fall Cadet for a Day 

Is an Academy education right for you? Join other high school seniors as you shadow a cadet for 24 hours and explore this question. Attend classes and a team practice, eat in the cadet wardroom, and learn what cadet life is like first-hand. While you’re visiting, an Admissions Officer can conduct your interview as a part of your application package. Opportunities to meet with coaches, faculty members, and admissions staff are available and must be coordinated by the student in advance. Parents are welcome to attend a Q&A session with an Admissions Officer on drop-off day. Cadet for a Day runs from 10:30 a.m. Thursday until 11:00 a.m. Friday morning on select dates throughout the fall semester. This program is only available for students that applied to but did NOT participate in the Academy Introduction Mission (AIM) Program.  

Academy Experience 

OPEN ONLY TO STUDENTS WITH FULL OR CONDITIONAL APPOINTMENTS TO THE INCOMING FRESHMAN CLASS: Join future members of your Coast Guard Academy class during the Academy Experience. Students with appointments to the freshman class are encouraged to schedule this overnight orientation to help prepare you for Academy life. Students and their parents are invited to participate in meaningful discussions with cadets, learn about a wide range of cadet support programs, meet with coaches and talk to faculty and staff members to help gain realistic expectations for Swab Summer and beyond. The students will also be given the opportunity to stay overnight in the cadet barracks, attend classes, eat in the cadet wardroom and observe sports practices (or games when available) or club activities. Participants will enjoy meeting future classmates and depart well prepared for Reporting-In Day.

Genesis Invitational 

The Genesis Invitational is a two-day program designed to encourage a diverse population of underrepresented minority and first generation college students to strongly consider entering the Coast Guard Academy. This program is offered in the fall, and allows students direct contact with cadets, faculty, and Admissions staff. Attendees are welcomed aboard the Coast Guard Academy and receive a tour, experience classes, participate in workshops/Q&A with faculty and cadets, and discuss the application process/procedures with Admissions personnel. This program provides an opportunity for students and their families to decide if a Coast Guard Academy education is the right choice for them as they depart the Academy with a better understanding of "the Coast Guard family". The program is limited therefore an application is required. Please contact the Coast Guard Academy Admissions office for all application requirements.

USCGA On the Road Programs 

For questions regarding the following events or to see if any events are scheduled in your area, please call the Campus Programs Coordinator at 860-701-6780 or the Admissions office toll-free at 800-883-8724. If you are interested in attending an off-campus event, please log in to access our event calendar. For all other questions, please contact your Admissions Officer.  

Admissions Workshops 

Join us at a local venue or conference center near you for a slide-show presentation about the Academy followed by a Q&A session. Guests will learn about the unique advantages, opportunities and challenges of a service academy education, get to know their Admissions Officer, and depart prepared to take the next step in the admissions process. Registration is requested, though last minute arrivals are also welcome. Parents and friends are encouraged to attend.  

CG Academy Informational Sessions 

The CGA Informational Sessions are on the road outreach programs designed to expose a diverse population of students and their families to the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Academy. This program is offered at various Coast Guard units throughout the nation to allow the public greater personal contact with cadets, Admissions staff, and graduates. Guests are allowed aboard a Coast Guard Base to experience a slide show, receive a tour of local Coast Guard units, participate in panel meetings/Q&A with officers and cadets, and enjoy lunch at a Coast Guard Galley. This program provides an excellent opportunity to decide if a Coast Guard Academy education is the right choice for you and allows you to depart the base with a better understanding of "the Coast Guard family". This program is free to attend. Registration is required.  

High School Visits 

Meet with a U.S. Coast Guard Academy Admissions Officer or Partner in your very own High School. These visits are scheduled during the school day, often during lunch period, and are an opportunity to receive materials and ask questions individually or in a small group. Note: Not all schools allow on-site visits. 

College Fairs 

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy attends a number of college fairs throughout the country. Make a point to visit our USCGA booth or table to talk with a U.S. Coast Guard Academy Admissions Officer or Partner, ask questions, and learn how to get started in the application process. 

Military Academy Days (Congressional Events)  

Although the U.S. Coast Guard Academy selection process is merit-based and does not require a Congressional nomination, USCGA representatives attend many local Military Academy Days. These gatherings are designed as open houses for the U.S. service academies and are sponsored by your local Senator or Congressperson. This is a unique opportunity to compare and contrast the service academies and learn just what makes America’s smallest service academy the most distinctive! Feel free to bring a friend or family members.  

Eagle Visits (Seasonal)  

By Invitation Only - Join U.S. Coast Guard Academy staff aboard America’s tall ship, the Coast Guard Barque Eagle, during local port calls. Learn what life at sea is like first-hand from cadets and crewmembers. Discover how the Captain and crew train cadets to lead. Participants will depart understanding why many consider the Coast Guard Academy the “best kept secret” in undergraduate education, and why Coast Guard Officers enjoy one of the most adventurous careers in America!