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Frequently Asked Questions - Statistics
Q:  How many cadets are there at the Coast Guard Academy?
A:  Approximately 1,000.

Q:  What is the size of the incoming class?
A:  The average entering class size is 300 U.S. cadets. 

Q:  What is the faculty to student ratio at CGA?
A:  1:8 

Q:  How many varsity/club sports does the Coast Guard Academy have?
A:  Coast Guard Academy cadets, both men and women, compete at the Division III level during intercollegiate athletics. We have 25 varsity teams and a variety of club sports. Please visit our athletics site for more information on our varsity sports.  

Q:  What is the average number of cadets per course?
A:  Fourth/third class year (freshmen/sophomore) the range is 20 to 25 cadets per section of a course. For the second/first class year (junior/senior), the range of cadets per section of a course is 10 to 15. 

Q:  How many people apply for admission?
A:  Over 4,000 applicants start the process each year and over 2,000 are ultimately evaluated for an appointment.  

Q:  How many applicants are offered appointments?
A:  There are approximately 400 full appointments, depending on the targeted class size, offered each year. Incoming class size is estimated to be between 290 and 310 for the next few years.  

Q:  How many students go to flight school immediately after graduating from the CGA?
A:  Currently the CGA is authorized to send up to 1/10 of the graduating class directly to flight school; however, the actual number is usually smaller. The majority of Coast Guard pilots do not go directly to flight school after graduation; officers up to four years after graduation apply to flight school. 

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