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Mathematics Department
The Department of Mathematics is staffed by civilian and military faculty. The focus is on support of the Academy's Shared Learning Outcomes, the Operations Research and Computer Analysis (ORCA) major, and the broad technical core curriculum.

The ORCA major provides graduates with a background in mathematics, statistics, and computers. The primary focus is to enable our cadets to conceptualize and describe reality using the tools of mathematics and statistics, develop appropriate models, derive solutions using computer technology, apply the solutions to specific Coast Guard problems and other applications, and to effectively communicate solutions. The study of ORCA highlights for cadets the means by which mathematics and computers can be used to analyze complex problems and improve decision-making.

Core courses offered by the Department of Mathematics include Foundations for Calculus, Calculus I, Calculus II, and Probability and Statistics. Major courses, many of which are used by other majors as well, include Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Linear Regression, Computer Modeling Languages (Java), Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, and operations research specific courses such as Linear Optimization, Network and Nonlinear Optimization, Information Systems, Probability Models, Decision Models, and Simulation with Risk Analysis. First class cadets "put it all together" in their senior capstone Operations Analysis course by completing projects solicited from the Coast Guard at large.

The Department of Mathematics uses both mathematics and current technology to educate students of the highest caliber. The dedication and diverse mix of experiences of the faculty add a unique depth and flavor to a cadet's academic and military experiences at the Coast Guard Academy.

Mathematics Department Faculty