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Saul Krasner Memorial Science Lecture Series
Dr. Eric Page, University of San Diego

"Infused Photonic Crystal Fibers: Using Light to Investigate Cancer-Linked Proteins" 

Abstract: The interaction of light with biological systems and materials is a vibrant field which has shown strong and sustained growth over the last two decades. Our lab focuses on this interaction in photonic crystal fibers (PCFs), a new class of optical fiber containing a large number of small, symmetric holes running the length of the fiber. Protein solutions are infused into the holes of the PCFs, and the output spectra and laser modes are investigated to learn about the infused protein state. Currently, we are exploring tumor suppressor protein p53, a protein known to be important in many types of cancer. This talk will focus on the background of optical fibers in biological physics, our current work with p53, and especially how undergraduate students are driving and involved in this research.  

Biography: Dr. Eric Page is currently an Assistant Professor of Physics and director of the Biophysics Program at the University of San Diego (USD). Dr. Page completed his undergraduate degrees in Physics and Humanities and Arts (Music) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, and his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Rochester in New York. His thesis work focused on the interaction of light with gravity using optical fibers, as well as some work in Physics Education Research. At USD, Dr. Page has continued work in both optical physics and physics education, with biological optics research based on the detection of protein states in infused photonic crystal fibers and education work in epistemology and Web 2.0 applications to physics education.